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 Episode #13 - 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!'

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Episode #13 - 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #13 - 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!'   Episode #13 - 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:23 pm

Episode 3.13: 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!'

Last time on Lsquared...

A-Supreme and Valkyrie were happy that their biggest rival, Kamikaze_Flame had finally been voted out. Meanwhile, Snake finally emerged and declared he was ready to make a move.

At the immunity challenge, Walnuts P was first to realize which castaway had said which quote. With immunity around his neck, Walnuts P knew the Axis of Awesomeness was in firm control. Feeling Snake might be a bigger threat than celesticbliss, the Axis voted him out.

4 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

The Axis was confident as they walked back to camp...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Tonight we voted out Snake. It's ironic how he became active and we booted him. Easy decision since we could NOT let him get farther in the game. One thing about Snake, too many friends on the Jury. No one in the Axis of Awesomeness could have beaten him, especially once the Jury finds out A-Supreme is aligned with us.

I expect the Jury to crap themselves when they find out."

Valkyrie(via confessional) "his inactivity proved to be his downfall....we kept him around a lot longer than he deserved, in all honesty. But the only reason was we knew he wouldn't be a challenge threat.....he wouldn't even be a problem when it came to votes, as he generally gets a penalty vote. I just find it incredibly ironic that as soon as he decides it's about time to get his head in the game, we vote him out! Hollywood could not have written a better ending. (and for the record, Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!)"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "I spoke to Walnuts and Valkyrie, and we agreed to vote out Snake next since Snake claimed he was going to become more active in the game now. Unfortunately for Snake, though, it was too little, too late. Upon speaking to Walnuts and Valkyrie, I didn't get the sense at all that they weren't voting for Snake. Also, they seemed genuinely excited that we were going to the final three. So, I cast my vote for Snake. Snake's leaving confirmed that Walnuts and Valkyrie are being truthful to me afterall and that they're honoring our alliance. What a relief."

The next morning, Walnuts P woke the camp up with some more poetry...
"Snake, dear Snake,
Being inactive,
That was a mistake.

You weren't here
for far too long,
In this group,
You don't belong.

We got you good,
We knocked you out,
Cuz with the Jury,
You got Clout.

You made it Final Five,
That's for sure.
But not being here,
That was a bore.

In the Final Four,
None deserve it more.

Give your husband
a passionate kiss.

He serves the States,
But making the Final Four,
Blame it on the Fates.

A-Supreme you are the man,
You are loyal, it's in the can.

You live to your name,
Should you make the finals,
Your smile will gleam.

You love your puffins,
Like you love Blueberry muffins?

You are loyal,
You are my friend.
I hope you consider me,
To take to the end.

And now we have Val
She is more than a pal.

She is challenge threat,
She could win,
If I could bet.

But more than that,
Mystic I love....
If you make it to the end,
Thank those above.

Then the fourth,
Walnuts is Jatt.
I have lied to most,
How about that?

What will happen?
What will be?
If I make it,
I'll laugh in glee.

Deserving is a state of mind,
The Jury could be in a bind.

Who to vote?
Who should win?
Depends on Immunity
And Final Tribal Spin.

Regardless, we all deserve it!
On the Jury bench,
Two will likely sit.

It depends on Immunity
All will see,
The Final Three,
Who will it be?

I know this poem,
It might be bland.
But we're now the Final Four,
In LSquared: Iceland.

"Great poem." replied A-Supreme.
Asked Valkyrie, "nice poem, but how come you didn't mention the bugs?"
"We voted out the bugs.........the annoyances preventing us from winning!!!!!!!!" answered Walnuts P.
Valkyrie added, "if we voted out the bugs, then how come there are still a bunch crawling on me when i sleep?"

At that point, celesticbliss retrieved Tree Mail, and read aloud...
"These poems have been quite lame
Using the words, often the same
Thus far the game has been quite hard
In this season, you've all starred

Now the bar is raised just a bit
The final four, you all seem fit
To win this one, you might take a risk
If you lose, tsk tsk tsk"
"Awesome... sounds like a biggie." said A-Supreme.
"'strongly advise'....that sounds scary!" added Valkyrie.

As the tribes members worked around camp, it was seemed obvious who would be the next to fall. And the Axis began to look to the future...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "The Axis of Awesomeness is in the Final Four!!! How perfect is that? A-Supreme and Valkyrie, the Challenge King and Queen. Myself, the Mastermind. Celestic IS going next.

With the amount of second-guessing I have done this season, who would have predicted that we would be here at the end? Three of the greatest winners EVER are in the Final Three, Cherry is only great in her own deluded mind.

A-Supreme, Mystic, and myself ARE the Final Three. Celestic....poor Celestic....She will go down like the Titanic.

I woke up this morning, got some firewood, started a fire, and yes, cooked Puffin Crab stew. I had to knock it out of the tree with a rock, I felt pretty horrible about doing it, but I'm freaking starving....and I'm not quite at the point of cannibalism yet.

I found a crab on the beach after I defeathered the a little surf and turf is nice.

Why does A-Supreme love these damn puffins so much? Did he join PETA or something?

It's a freakin' animal! There is an order of things, Humans over all other forms of life. Survival of the fittest. Some places eat dog, why won't A-Supreme join in the Puffin "feast"???

Valkyrie(via confessional) "Now we're down to F4, and unless Celestic manages to pull out a miracle and win immunity, she'll be the next one gone. Which will leave the 'Axis of Awesomeness' as Walnuts likes to call us, left as F3...then it will be up to either Walnuts or myself to win immunity to insure that both of us end up in the F2...HOWEVER...there's a good chance that he won't be participating in the final immunity, leaving A-Supreme and I to battle it out. That should prove very interesting. The other interesting thing is that A-Supreme and I have never discussed who each of us would take should we win that F3 immunity. I would like to hope that he'd choose me (but why should he, really....I won't choose him), but he may choose Walnuts, because he's made so many enemies on the jury, and he may be easier to beat.

In all honesty, though...I don't see myself winning no matter who I'm up against. Once again, everyone is probably imagining that I'm Walnuts' little puppet, and not doing anything on my own. Plus, there's the fact that Kami and Cherry hate both of us (but they probably hate me more) for being the 'disgusting duo' as they like to call us. I say they're just jealous. And, Tanner basically told me that should I make it to the F2, he'll do his best to do to me what I did to him in Amazon, and that's turn the jury against me.

I think I'm fighting an uphill battle, and it will be very interesting to see how the next couple of days play out."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "I made the final four! I am extremely proud of myself for having made it this far, especially knowing that my reputation precedes me. I always thought that signing up as myself (A-Supreme) and not under another entity or username was going to be a big mistake that would cost me this game. However, I am still in game in spite of my username. I'm not sure about my chances of winning this game at the moment, but it feels great that I was able to make this far."

The final 4 made their way to the challenge area...
"Congratulations, Final Four..." Adam said. "For tonight's immunity challenge, it will simply be questions and answers. I will post the category for the question and then a couple minutes later, I will post the question. The first person to PM me the correct answer will score 1 point. You can answer as many times as you'd like until I receive a correct answer.

Here is the twist...
You will each receive 3 "risk" cards:

Double - If you play this risk card, and are the first person to answer the question correctly, you will double your score. However, if you are not the first to answer correctly, you will double the score of the other 3 players.

Reset - If you play this risk card, and are the first person to answer the question correctly, you will be able to reset any of the other three player's score back to zero. However, if you are not the first to answer correctly, you will have your score reset to zero.

Elimination - If you play this risk card, and are the first person to answer the question correctly, you will be able to eliminate any of the other three players from the challenge. However, if you are not the first to answer correctly, you will be eliminated from the challenge.

The first person to 10 points will win immunity and a guaranteed 1 in 3 spot at winning Lsquared: Iceland. You will also be declared winner if the other 3 players are eliminated."

The challenge began with only Valkyrie and A-Supreme answering. They both agreed not to use the risk cards, so the challenge was a race to 10. Valkyrie quickly took the lead. A-Supreme was able to tie but never able to take control. A-Supreme found himself 8-4 but answered 4 of the next 5 right to get back in the game. But in the end, Valkyrie won immunity 10-8-0-0.

"That means (unless you give it up) Val is immune from tonight's vote." Adam announced, "A-Sup, Celestic, Walnuts you are not immune. Go back to camp"
"Congratulations, Valkyrie!" said A-Supreme.

The tribe returned to camp, and there didn't seem to be much suspense about the next vote...

A-Supreme(via confessional) "The final four immunity challenge took place. The only real goal was to prevent CelesticBliss from winning it, which wasn't a real big problem since she hasn't been participating in the game. Valkyrie and I were competing in the immunity challenge for the fun of it. Valkyrie would get a few right first, and then I'd get a few right. And that process kept going right up until the end. I had 8 points and Valkyrie had 9 points. I unfortunately choked on the last question...I should have known that the answer was MacBeth, but I haven't read the play since 12th Grade. And Valkyrie said that she had to look it up, too. In the end, Valkyrie ended up answering before I did and won the immunity challenge. It was a fun challenge... I felt bad for poor Switza. We just weren't too into the whole Risk Cards deal, and the game could have been over much sooner if we would've been."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "I really wish I could have defended my Immunity, but I think that damn Puffin caused some sort of stomach flu!!!!

Regardless, Celestic is going....hands down!!!!!!!!!"

As the tribe entered the Tribal Council area, celesticbliss sat quiet as she seemed to recognize her fate. "First welcome to the jury. Remember don't speak, just watch." Adam said. "Celestic, Walnuts, A-Supreme, Valkyrie, congratulations on making it this far. Sadly one of you will be going home. First a couple questions.

Did you honestly imagine you'd be in F4 when the game began?"
A-Supreme spoke up, "To be quite honest, no. I was targeted to go home fairly early in the game, and I was worried that that target wouldn't ever go away. Thankfully, I'm still here. It's an accomplishment to have made it this far."
Walnuts P added, "Well, I hoped I would be. Considering the road I travelled, I expected to be out before the merge. I have to be honest, the Axis of Awesomeness, which consists of myself, Valkyrie, and A-Supreme, that alliance was there from Day One. I had no doubt we'd be here."
Adam asked, "You have to be looking at who you can beat in the final TC, right?"
Valkyrie answered, "naturally, but i also want to stay loyal to my alliance."
"I think that anyone would be lying if they said that they haven't considered who they want there with them at the end." added A-Supreme, "I've thought about it myself. However, I'm not bending my entire strategy on who I think I can beat at the end. You have to play the game day-by-day...looking too far into the future can be a fatal mistake because you have to make sure you're even around for the future!"
Walnuts P quickly jumped in, "Sadly, I am playing for second. I honestly believe the jury HATES me. Cherry is a disrespectful bitch. Tanner and Kami are likely bitter. Annfly, who knows? I freaking hated her when the game started. Snake is a wild card."
"Is it too late to make a huge strategic move to keep yourself in the game?" asked Adam.
A-Supreme responded, "We're all playing to try to get as far as we can in this game. Changing the game at this point will only result in enemies on the jury. With so little time between now and the time the jury votes for the winner of the game, betraying anyone is simply not smart because the betrayed juror has less time to get passed being upset and will likely vote against the betrayer at the final tribal council."

With that, the players voted...
Adam announced, "I'll go read the votes. Remember, once the votes are read, the results are final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

First vote...


Second vote...


Third vote...

The 13th person voted out of Iceland: lsquared and the 6th member of the jury...


Celestic it is time for you to go...

A-Supreme, Valkyrie, Walnuts congratulations on making the final 3. Head back to camp."

Next time on Lsquared...

In a special DOUBLE episode, The "Axis of Awesomeness" celebrates the completion of their day one goal. They take some time to think about their fallen comrades. The final immunity challenge proves to be a race to the finish. And somebody has to make the decision of who to take to Final Two.

And then the final two meet the jury to determine the winner of Lsquared: Iceland...

That all leads up to the LIVE FINALE Saturday night!
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Episode #13 - 'Alanis Morissette, THAT is the true definition of irony!'
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