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 Episode #8 - 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.'

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Episode #8 - 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #8 - 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.'   Episode #8 - 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:17 pm

Episode 3.8: 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.'

Last time on Lsquared...

The tribes met up for what they thought would be another challenge. Instead they learned that the tribes were switching up once again, but this time they would pick whether they wanted to be in Surtsey or Kolbeinsey. In the end, everybody but cherry jello is annoying chose Kolbeinsey with Walnuts P.

Walnuts P was in celebratory mood at camp, because he was no longer with cherry jello is annoying. Meanwhil Surtsey decided they were going to go out with a bang. At the challenge, a fight broke out between the two tribes. After cherry jello is annoying walked out on the challenge. Ozzy made the controversial decision to re-schedule the challenge. At the new challenge, S_A fought hard for his tribe in Rock Scizzors Paper, but Valkyrie won immunity for her tribe. Immediately Surtsey competed 1-on-1 in RSP with S_A losing and becoming the 7th player out of Lsquared.

9 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Surtsey Tribe
S_A.. A-Supreme.. Valkyrie.. Tanner.. cokes.. celesticbliss..

Kolbeinsey Tribe
Walnuts.. Annfly.. Dickey.. cherry jello is annoying.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Snake

Back at Kolbeinsey, the tribe wasn't as happy as would be suspected, celesticbliss seemed fed up with her tribe...

celesticbliss(via confessional) "I can't count the times I wanted to walk away from this game over petty keyboard wars. I will be the first to say that I didjn't like how things played out the night our challenge was supposed to happen thie first time. I just thought the whole thing could have easily been smoother, JMO.

But if I have to see one more fair/unfair fight I might puke. It really makes me wonder what the age range is on these games and if everyone is older, well. Then that just shows that age is just a number and your mind can easily more immature then how old you are."

Meanwhile Kamikaze_Flame had been snooping around camp and uncovered what he thought was a major secret...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "EUREKA! I JUST MADE A DISCOVERY! Well I'm pretty sure that celesticbliss is mysticseer from imdb. which pretty much pisses me off since jattster (walnuts) is actually dating mystic in real life so they wouldn't vote against each other. Also, I'm trying to allign myself good with cherry. I want us to MERGE SO FREAKIN BAD!

I HATE games where you stay in tribes the whole time. They're just not fun. Like last lsquared wasn't as fun because of the tribes the ENTIRE time thing. ughhhh.

so yeah if we merge i think i have cherry, tanner, and probably snake. Hopefully I could convince A-sup or Valkyrie to vote out celestic if i tell them about this discovery. Right now I'm just keeping this info to me, cherry, and tanner and I'm about to go talk to snake about this. This could be another huge turning point in the game!"

Tanner(via confessional) "Okay so kami is telling everyone that celestic is mystic seer. Don't know how much we can trust him but he seems to believe it and has a bit of evidence, but nothing concrete. LO is ruling this game and I am afraid of him getting to the end just because he is a leader, though I would rather have him around than people I don't talk to, like jattster (who I haven't talked to lately) and ann...."

Valkyrie(via confessional) "Ok, I just got the funniest news EVER! Kami sent me a PM telling me that Celestic is Mystic from IMDb, that she and Walnuts (Jatt from IMDb) are dating in real life, and that she's aligned with A-Supreme and Walnuts. Then he suggested that we vote Celestic out, to break up that alliance.

The thing is, he's sort of right. Jatt and Mystic ARE dating in real life. Jatt, Mystic and A-Supreme DO have a secret alliance in this game. But that's where his information goes horribly wrong. I'M Mystic. And he's about to learn a VERY valuable lesson. Know thine enemy. Do NOT approach your enemy about getting rid of her. Chances are, things will NOT work the way you're hoping they will. Part of me would love it if Kami makes it to the F2, and Valkyrie makes it to Jury. Her question to him would be:

Kami, why should I vote for an obvious dumbass? You approached MYSTIC about getting rid of Mystic. Rule number one in war....know thine enemy. You're right to suspect that Mystic is playing this game, but you have it backwards. I signed up because Jatt was already signed up. He asked me to play. You're bringing stupidity to a whole new level. And for that, you don't deserve to win this game.

At first, I was never planning on revealing my identity. But now, in light of this news, I HAVE to. I'll either wait until the game is over, or during Jury Questions. It will be priceless.

I was finally able to answer him, after I caught my breath from the gales of laughter. I told him I'm all for voting out Celestic. Now, I have to work some magic, see if I can get the target away from Tanner to Kami. This new revelation should help me in that respect. Jatt wants Tanner gone, but A-Supreme and I have wanted Kami ever since we learned he was targeting us. Well, now it looks like Val MAY be safe. For awhile, anyway."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Kamikaze is stating that he can bring in Cherry as a vote.

Oh my GOD! Not only does he want to bring in the worst f'ing person into his alliance but in what has to be the most boneheaded move in "Survivor" history, Kamikaze, the stupid f--k that he is, tells Valkyrie that I have an alliance with A-Supreme and Celestic, who he thinks is Mystic. WHAT?!


This really means I have to alter my strategy. Thanks Kamikaze, you made it so easy for me. So, I approached someone I DO NOT trust, Tanner, with a plan to shift the balance of power from Kamikaze and back to me.

It's my only hope. I can't leave before Cherry. And Tanner is smart enough to know who the true threat is....Kamikaze, the man with a thousand alliances."

The next morning, the tribes met up with Ozzy. He informed them that they were merging back into 1 tribe and returning to the Arnarson camp.
"yay merge!" exclaimed Tanner.
A-Supreme added, "Yay! Congratulations, everyone!"
Snake agreed, "Yay!! Merge!!!"

On the trek back to camp, the scheming began...

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "so SA left but swinners and I may start working together. He kinda realised he's not really the leader in that group of 8"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "Cherry-Is-Annoying and S_A had to attend their own separate tribal council. S_A lost the challenge, which means that Cherry-Is-Annoying is still in the game. I guess a few members of my tribe are annoyed by this, but I guess I don't care either way. Cherry-Is-Annoying might have burned some bridges with people, so it may be easier to outlast her than S_A. But apparently Kamikaze_Flame has Cherry-Is-Annoying in his corner, which is hilarious considering the fact that he was bashing her and bitching constantly about her after the controversy regarding the previous immunity challenge.

Oh, and apparently Kamikaze_Flame approached Valkyrie, claiming Celesticbliss was Mysticseer!!! LMFAO... it's hilarious because Valkyrie herself is Mysticseer, not Celesticbliss! So, Kamikaze_Flame approached Valkyrie about getting rid of Walnuts, Celestic (or, as Kamikaze believes, Mysticseer), and me. The one word I will use to describe Kamikaze_Flame at this point: DUMBASS!!!

Granted, though, Kamikaze_Flame appears to have his hooks in many players and is playing the game extremely well considering how untrustworthy he is. It doesn't bother me that much, though, because apparently he's looking to get rid of Celesticbliss at the next tribal council since she wants to be voted out (and he apparently believes she's Mysticseer). I am likely to leave after her, but I'm not worried one bit. I am just going with the flow and allowing people to make themselves targets. I can't allow myself to become a bigger target than I already am."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "So yay! We merged! I'm SO glad we merged because I have been wanting to get back to individual competitions! Hopefully I can win and guarantee myself safety. That's the best thing in this game! LOL!

Well now that we've merged I've got another vote in cherry. I have tanner. I'm almost positive I have snake. That's 4 out of 9 votes and with ann not being here in over a week, that's half the votes right there.

I'm pretty sure I convince Val to vote off celestic the first time it comes up because she asked to go home. So that's what we're going to do. If she wins immunity it will be kind of hard to convince everyone to vote out A-sup so I'm hoping celestic doesn't win immunity. Actually I'm going to so what does it matter! LOL!

After we vote out celestic, me, tanner, snake, and cherry will have the majority votes. Hopefully they all stick with me. I've found it to be a good strategy to save people's asses when they need to be saved because then they owe you later on which is what is up with cherry and snake! So that's good! LOL!"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "We merged. If Cherry lasts longer than me, suicide is the only option!!!!! I spoke to Celestic and now it's her, Val, A-Supreme, and myself 100% knocking out the bitch!!! Tanner seems 50-50 on it. This will make or break the game for me. We shall see."

When the tribe arrived again at Arnarson, they saw a feast waiting on them...
"Yayy!!!! Thanks, Lthingtor. You're the best." started A-Supreme.
"Oooooooh.... fruit.. My weakness!" said celesticbliss.
cherry jello is annoying added, "zomg dibs on those thingys that look like spinach wraps"
"WINGS!!!! Are they chicken wings or puffin wings? I don't CARE!!!!!" shouted Walnuts P.
Annfly added, "Thanks for the great spread, and for not sending us burgers and fries!"

After a good meal, the tribe settled for the night. The next morning, A-Supreme read Tree Mail to the tribe.
"Here comes another lousy rhyme
The game continues to move very slow
Tonight it is all about time
Guessing it right and on you will go

Remember who gets the votes
Their part is just beginning
They're making notes
And they'll determine who will be winning."

Elsewhere, some new strategies were starting to form...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Actually now I don't really think that Celestic is Mystic. She could be of course but I don't really think so.

Still, does that change my strategy one bit? Of course not. I still am going to convince everyone that celestic is mystic and get celestic voted out. After that I kind of want A-sup out. but idk. Ann wants Cherry out so i hope that doesn't happen!"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "There's about a 90% chance Celestic is going. I'm really pulling behind voting out Cherry, but Tanner seems to want Annfly gone more.

With 9 people, a possible penalty for Celestic, I'm wondering what would happen if I won immunity and gave it to Celestic. Either Celestic votes with me or it ends up with a 4-4 tie with a Celestic penalty vote."

Ozzy welcomed the tribe to the challenge area. "Today it is all luck based. First person to whine and or call me a cheater in this will be immediately expelled from the game. Even if you joke about it I will kick you out of this game without looking back.. got it?

For immunity, pick 4 numbers between 1 and 1000. The person who guesses the closest with the four numbers will win immunity. For instance if my number was 732 and you guessed 400, 500, 600, and 700 you would be off by 722 and if someone was closer you would lose. Survivors ready? Too bad GO"

After the players took time to decide on four numbers, they revealed to Ozzy.
"My Number: 312

Snake's Numbers: 90, 255, 535, 775
OFF BY: 965

A-Supreme's Numbers: 849, 850, 851, 852
OFF BY: 2154

annfly's Numbers: 1, 234, 567, 890
OFF BY: 1222

Walnuts Numbers: 499, 500, 501, 502
OFF BY: 754

Kamikazee Numbers: 350, 351, 650, 651
OFF BY: 754 (talk about creepy..)

Tanner's Numbers: 149, 150, 151, 152
OFF BY: 658

Val's Numbers: 348, 349, 350, 351
OFF BY: 150

cherryjello's Numbers: 69, 499, 500, 969,
OFF BY: 1275

so Val wins immunity..."
Valkyrie exclaimed, "omg, i can't believe i won! woo hoo!"
"that's some skillage" replied Tanner.
"lol... I was off by the most numbers." added A-Supreme.
"That's cuz you suck, A-Supreme." cherry jello is annoying said.

With that, the tribe headed back to camp. Walnuts P looked to Valkyrie to help his plan...
Walnuts P(via confessional) "Well, Valkyrie won immunity! Now it's time to put into effect "Project: Cooldiggity", I name it that because it's a huge risk with a huge reward. We try to get Valkyrie to give Celestic immunity in hopes that we force Annfly to change her vote and we try to vote out Cherry.

It's time to send the bitch packing."

Throughout the day, there was a lot of campaigning for votes...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "so me being the official pot stirrer of Lsquared: Iceland... I get to stir the pot once again!

Basically I have set it up for celestic to leave next. I found out that celestic is mystic so my ties with Walnuts (Jatt) have ended although of course he doesn't know that. My main allies at the moment are tanner, snake and surprisingly cherry. Cherry has given me a crapload of information and will do anything to keep herself alive which i have definitely taken advantage of. I don't know exactly for sure if Celestic is mystic but even if I'm wrong, I don't really care. I'm in this game for myself and that's it. So if I lied on accident to snake, ann, and val to get them to vote out celestic, I'm perfectly fine with that. The next tribal will definitely be an important one and the one after that will be important too. If the next two tribals go as planned, I think I can sail smoothly to atleast final five. But of course I won't just sit there as I'm always playing the game. If me and my allies survive the next two tribals, I really think I have a very good shot at making final two. I'm probably the strongest at challenges and I think I have strong allies. I've set it up perfectly. Still, even the best plans have flaws and if my opponents find them, I'm screwed. So here's to hoping they don't!"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Tonight is the night! This could change the complexion of the game or it will make me a huge target. The plan is for Tanner, Valkyrie/Mystic, and myself to make it to the Final Three. If Cherry goes now and Annfly goes next.....Celestic is the key to the game. If Celestic is with us.....the game is ours to lose. The hope is Valkyrie gives up Immunity, if not, we have to rely on hoping Annfly flips to guarantee Cherry goes home. This is a huge gamble. I can't trust Tanner 100%, but Tanner is my only hope at winning this game."

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "so with any luck karin is going tonight. then that other group is down three, and my group has five. I don't really know if I'm on the top or the bottom of the totem pole. I may be on the bottom cuz I'm actually lucky to still be here, and all that, but at the same time, if Swinners is smart he'll realise he's the only one I have and I'll be 100% loyal to him if not only because I have no other choice."

Annfly(via confessional) "I don't think I am really part of any alliance, since some people PM me and say 'everyone' is voting one way and other people PM and say 'everyone' is voting another way."

The tribe made their way to the Tribal Council area for the all important vote. Ozzy met them, "Val is immune eveyrone else is up for elimination..tell about your experience here."
Walnuts P started, "This game does take it's toll. But everything is very quiet right now back at camp, at least for me, largely due to the fact that I'm avoiding all distractions that can impact my views on the game. Does that hurt me? I guess I'll know when the votes are read."
"well, i feel very lucky to have immunity." added Valkyrie.
Tanner jumped in, "it's been good, but quiet. too quiet....."
Walnuts P quickly added, "Like the calm before the storm.....suddenly, I don't feel so safe."
"This experience has been moving slowly... it's like we've been in Iceland for years." said A-Supreme. "My legs are all bug bitten and scabby... not that ya'll needed to know that.

Other than that, it's been okay. I love it here and would have it no other way."
"lalalalalalalala I miss Dickey and SA haha" said cherry jello is annoying.
"iceland has taught me to like everyone. trust noone." celesticbliss piped in.
Annfly blurted out, "I Love Puffins!"
"zomgzomg" cherry jello is annoying concluded.

With that, the players voted. Ozzy revealed the votes. "Once the votes are read the decision is fianl the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately...

First Vote..
Snake (penalty)

Second Vote...

Third Vote..

Fourth Vote..

Fifth Vote..

Sixth Vote..

Seventh Vote..

Eighth Vote..

Ninth Vote and first member of our jury,

As she was leaving, cherry jello is annoying said, "I tried. Love the fact that the King of inactivity who should have went like, a month ago is outlasting me, but eh, you win some, you lose some.

I tried my best to get rid of the disgusting twosome Jaster and Mystic barffff just saying their names makes me feel somewhat queasy.

I have a feeling Swinners is next cuz sexy people seem to go in a row in this game.

I'm going to laugh at all of you if the disgusting twosome is the final two.

Then I'll feel really sorry for myself, cuz that'll mean I have to vote one of them. Gag.

But at least I can annoy them with asking lots of sexy questions.

I suppose this wouldn't really be a Cherry goodbye if I didn't insult everyone's intelligence on my way out. I understand that I went cuz I was disliked, and an outsider and everything. Fine, whatever, can't even say I didn't expect it, but ummmm why? You all witnessed Dickey and SA leaving back to back. You saw me cry about it. It was very obvious that I had NO ONE. Except MAYBE Swinners, but I'm not even sure if he was the one who voted with me. So ummmm why did you vote me out? I'm horrible at challenges and I have no allies. Plus, all my friends went prejury. I was the perfect person to string along til f4 or so and then bounce.

But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.

Later losers."
Kamikaze_Flame replied, "bye cherry."
Tanner added, "bye "Cherry"".
"bye "tanner"" responded cherry jello is annoying.
Walnuts P added,"Good to know you're going out with some class Cherry!"
Cherry jello is annoying responded, "Of course, wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck to you and your wife making f2 together"

With that, Cherry jello is annoying left the tribal council area, and the tribe returned to their beach.

Next time on Lsquared...

Kamikaze_Flame realizes he was betrayed by what he thought was his alliance. The rest of Arnarson celebrate that cherry jello is annoying is no longer around. Walnuts P must decide which alliance gives him the best chance at advancing himself.
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Episode #8 - 'But I guess not everyone is as smart as me.'
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