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 Episode #2 - 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!'

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Episode #2 - 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #2 - 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!'   Episode #2 - 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:09 pm

Episode 3.2: 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!'

Last time on Lsquared...

16 castaways were dropped off on the island nation of Iceland. Upon arrival, they were met with their first twist, they were sharing one beach and would begin the game seeking individual immunity. Several of the castaways were hoping their hidden identity would help them advance. At the first individual immunity challenge, it was revealed that they would not be allowed to vote if not participating in the challenge. In a close challenge with 10 players participating, Annfly secured the first individual immunity necklace and the ability to send Valkyrie to exile island.

At the tribe beach, the night was full of scrambling. While Kamikaze_Flame focused his attention at eliminating a rival, A-Supreme, others were looking to take out the inactive players. At Tribal council, Annfly made a bold statement calling out castaways who participated in the challenge, but didn't appear to try. In the end, it was one of those players, Ivy, that was voted out.

15 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
S_A.. Let_it_Burn.. Annfly.. Dickey.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. cokes.. Tanner.. halo.. B94-1.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Ivy.. Snake

On the return trip to the beach, A-Sup was grateful "Whew... that's a relief. Thanks to everyone who voted to keep me in."

A-Sup(via confessional) "The vote came down to 6-3... I was expecting it to be that (though I wasn't sure if I was going to have 6 votes against me or just 3 votes for me to stay). At first, I thought saving myself was a lost cause. Kamikazi pretty much sent a private message to everyone, claiming that he was "so powerful" and how they better vote against me otherwise they would leave soon after. The nerve of some people! the end, though, I'm still here to fight and am proud that I was able to convince people to vote to keep me.

As for my alliances. Walnut and I formed an immediate alliance, along with Valkyrie. We're intending to get to the final three together. Annfly is with us, but she's sort of difficult to work with in terms of who should go and who should leave. If we have annfly's vote, we also have Celestic's vote, though. Also, Walnut was able to bring Tanner and b94 over to our side (though I'm not sure if I trust Tanner). Tanner seems like a snake in the grass, and I'm not sure he's really going to stay loyal to us. We'll have to wait and see, but I'm keeping my eye on him. I was also able to sway Survivor_Awards, who was allied with Kamikazi I guess.

Kamikazi wrote to me, saying that he knew that I wasn't going to work with him so he just thought that he'd target me, which is hilarious because I wasn't targeting him until I found out that he was targeting me. So, I really want to get rid of Kamikazi next. Yes, he's an active player, but he pulled out a knife too soon, and he even attempted to stick it in my back even after having attempted to formed an alliance with me. So, he's gotta go, otherwise I am.

One important note: This game is not over... I just won the first battle. I need to fight it out so that I can win the war, too. I still have quite a hill to climb yet, unfortunately."

Kamizake_Flame(via confessional) "Well some people lied to me. Only 3 votes went against Danny and one was mine and chery's. so two people out of Halo, S_A, and Tanner betrayed me.

I basically think I'm screwed in the game. I don't have much time for it anymore. I'm just going to try to win immunity and stick out as long as possible."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Kamikaze just went poopy in his pants! The whole tribe could smell it as Ivy was voted out. The nerve of him questioning me on why I didn't vote for A-Supreme. Um...DUMBASS! I HAVE AN ALLIANCE WITH HIM! ANYONE HOME, McFLY????

Of course, no sense in telling HIM that I have an alliance A-Supreme."

S_A(via confessional) "OK So Ivy's gone. I could honestly care less, as I have no clue who the hell that is. So chances are, it wouldn't have helped if she stayed anyways. But A, Ann, etc now think I voted for Ivy. So I'm in OK with them.

And...I DID vote for A-Sup, so Cherry/Kamikaze can't be mad at me either. For now, I think I'm ok"

Upon returning to camp, the tribe again slept in the open air without a finished shelter.

The next morning, Cokes woke everyone with some frightening news...

"I think I just saw somehting lurking in the woods. It didn't look human. The Exile Beast I call it"
"Yikes... way to freak us all out, cokes." replied A-Supreme.

With no challenge to think about for the day, they went to work on finishing up the shelter.

Meanwhile over on Exile Island, Valkyrie found a note next to a beach area with several numbered holes:
"While here you're seperated from human contact. You will have two guesses each visit here to guess the Hidden Immunity Idol. If you so wish you can forfeit one guess for the opportunity to hide a fake idol under the number you have just guessed."

Valkyrie reached into two holes hoping to find the HII...both empty.

Valkyrie(via confessional) "I really don't have much to talk about, since I'm stuck all by myself on Exile Island, with no one to talk to but the bugs. And just because they listen to me, that's not endearing them to me at all.

Today, the sun finally peeked out from behind a cloud, so I was able to use my glasses to start a fire. Now I just have to hope and pray I can keep it going. I also found the well, so I've boiled myself some water, and am preparing a meal of fried leaves and twigs. Totally unappetizing, but it sure beats eating the nasty bugs!

I have no idea what will await me when I get back to camp...the game will have continued without me, and I won't know where the hell I stand...but of course, the solitude is nice."

While A-Supreme and tanner put the finishing touches on the shelter, others were seeing where they stand within the tribe...

halo(via confessional) "Me and Tanner are still good. I was talking to people (kam flame) and he(?) said he voted for a-sup with us. I also was talking to cherry and she said she'll vote for a-sup too. Now I know her, S_A, and A-Sup are aligned. They also know who voted for them. Me, tanner, and kam flame will be going next. Hopefully after the inactives, but ya never know."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "I AM SO FREAKIN CONFUSED!!!

There are four people that told me they voted out A-Supreme and only two of them did. I honestly don't know who to trust. Should I trust Cherry? Should I trust S_A? Tanner? Halo? SO CONFUSED! My mind is going in all different directions and I wish it'd just stop!

Im going to try to win immunity but other than that do nothing and hope that I stay alive."

S_A(via confessional) "Kamikaze's already paranoid. Since A got three votes last time, he knows that either myself, Cherry, or Tanner didn't vote for A. And I know it was Cherry. Obviously, I wouldn't say that to him, as I don't want those two to leave me in the middle.

But as of now, Cherry and I have proposed a back-up alliance to A and Dickey. We'll see what they say...."
The night went quietly and the morning began with tree mail. While some talked about the upcoming challenge, b94-1 had issues with the sleeping arrangements...

"i whould prefer everyone stop coming to me in the middle of the night and snuggling!!! 16 contestents under shelter. not good." he said.
"I will cuddle with the ladies if they need some warmth," said cokes.
cherry jello is annoying replied, "i don't need you, i'm already hottttttt"
"ummm....while that's a nice offer, i'll have to say no. i already have my eye on someone." said Valkyrie.
"zomg who? I like have dibs on S_A and Dickey, but like, you're like, welcome to any other guys, like, zomg" Cherry jello is annoying quickly responded.
"hey now, anyone who wants to snuggle with Dickey can do so" Dickey stated.
"thats it im digging a trench by the fire and sleepin in it no one bury me alive ok????" said Walnuts P.

Ozzy welcomed the tribe for the second immunity challenge. "Below are 13 words. In these 13 words there are FIVE former real life Survivor players. Your task is to uncover WHO the five are and how the Five are releated to one another and I promise, there is a connection. You have 2 hours to complete this challenge in order to vote.

So without further ado, your challenge!!"

Some of the players struggled with the challenge...

"ugh i SUCK at unscrambling things.." celesticbliss cried out.
Later cherry jello is annoying yelled out, "omg i have all the players just NO CLUE what they have in common!"

After two hours, Ozzy announced the winner...
"A-Supreme wins immunity and has choosen to send halo to exile island. So V will return now for Tribal Council and halo, the boat is waiting for you."

The tribe returned to the camp and were met by Valkyrie.
"i'm here now. anything i can do to help? i must say, it's nice to see people. it's just been me and the bugs, and they don't say much,"
"hey there! you could clean up the poo area...but I think there has been a general concensus to just leave that place alone for now", Tanner replied.
"hmmm....i think i'd rather not. i don't think anyone should have a crappy job. especially me, lol", Valkyrie answered.
"i can fish if you want?? i am a former marine!! lol just kdding" said b94-1.

Elsewhere, the scheming continued...

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "So SA and I are aligned with danny and dickey, and with swinners. those are two separate alliances, obviously, cuz swinners ans danny are mortal enemies."

Dickey(via confessional) "lets see i unscrambled those names pretty easily - i know i didn't win but i felt an ego boost with that lol

i kinda wanna vote out let-it-burn or snake since they havent said/done anything sooo yeah. we'll see what happens - cherry wanted to vote cokes out but i told her no"

Valkyrie(via confessional) "Well, I just got back from Exile Island, and it didn't happen a moment too soon! I was going stir crazy out there....I swear, the bugs were looking at me like they were starting to understand me. NEVER a good sign!

I didn't want to give any advantage to the next person who's coming along, so I've put out my fire, and erased all evidence of its existance.

I must say, it's nice to be back among civilization, even if it is THIS civilization. I don't think anyone's really sure if they can trust me. Since I was gone for so long....they might think that Exile Island made me stir crazy, and I don't want to be the Matthew of Iceland!

The only people I really have any sort of alliance with are Walnuts and A-Supreme....I just hope I've made a good choice. Annfly also talks to me...I feel a kinship with her, since she saved me last vote."

celesticbliss(via confessional) "Iceland is nice so far.. Ann and I agreed to kind of watch out for eachother. I was completely useless at tonights challenge. Hopefully people will see that i submitted atleast something so I do want to play.. and they won't try and target me for inactivity. other than the challenge though.. Not much else happening. I'm intrigues to see how the vote goes!"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "So, that challenge was tough. And then....we get back to camp and the scrambling began. Kamikaze's name came up, B94's name, and Let_it_Burn too! Guess whose name wasn't mentioned? MINE!

I don't know how long I can keep up this goofball facade I have going on.

So, Kamikaze asked me for an alliance. Did I say yes?

DUH! OF COURSE I DID!!! I don't need him to start targeting me. Rest assured, the first chance I get, Kamikaze's torch will be snuffed!"

The next morning, the tribe was surprised at the sudden awakening of Snake, who had been sleeping the entire game...

"I had no idea this game had started so could someone please tell me what's going on, who's playing, who's been voted off and what's happening next? I am so confused."

b94-1 explained the current situation in the game. On the other side of the beach, final decisions were being made on who to vote for...

Dickey(via confessional) "so i'm pretty sure i successfully lobbied for Let-it-Burn to be voted out tonight

both walnuts and valkyrie said they'd vote him out and cherry said she'd get SA to vote him out... ahhh im so awesome lol

you are looking at Mr. Awesome, you know why? because Mr. Awesome is Dickey"

S_A(via confessional) "Second tribal council, and I don't believe I'm in danger yet. Annfly asked me if I'd want to vote out b94. But Cherry and Dickey want me to vote for LetItBurn. I don't really care either way, but I HAVE to choose the side that keeps me under the radar. I've got to stay friends with all of the people who expect me to vote with them."

Kamizake_Flame(via confessional) "Well I'm pretty sure I'm as good as gone.

So seeing as this will probably be my last confessional I'd like to say this game was hard as hell and I pretty much sucked at it. haha.

but it was fun and the hosts have done a great job so far.

hope i stay but if i don't, it was fun while it lasted!"

Ozzy welcomed the players into the tribal council area...
"Welcome to Tribal Council guys. V you need to grab a torch and light it in the flames in front of you because fire represents life in this game and once your fire is gone your game is over. Before we vote some questions that I'd like you to answer in here. How is Tribal Life?"
"Good So far! We got some shelter up and a good cook" replied celesticbliss.
Tanner agreed, "Ann can make one mean grasshopper."
"Any conflicts arising yet?" asked Ozzy.
"just between me and the bugs. i haven't been back at camp long enough to know what people are doing." Valkyrie quickly answered.
Dickey continued, "well... i heard that there was some trouble with b94 and certain snugglers..."
Ozzy asked "Any obvious alliances yet?"
"I think right now, people are just feeling out where the tribe's votes will go to- the strong or the inactives. After that's all cleared, alliances will become more clear." answered S_A.
"How will you base your vote tonight?"
Annfly answered, "Non-participation."
Walnuts said, "im basin my vote on popular opinion"

Ozzy finished, "The following people can vote:
A-Supreme (immune), celesticbliss, Kamikaze_Flame, Walnuts P, annfly, cherry jello is annoying, S_A, Valkyrie, Dickey"

Each of the 9 voted. Ozzy retrieved the urn.
"Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately...

First Vote..

Second Vote...

Third Vote..

Fourth Vote...

Fifth Vote...

Sixth Vote..

Let_IT_Burn you need to bring me your torch."

Next time on Lsquared...

The players compete in a reward challenge that reveals some strategy for a certain castaway. On the beach, the tribe enjoys a visit from a local friend. A lack of players competing for immunity leaves the power to very few.
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Episode #2 - 'I can fish if you want?? I am a former marine!'
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