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 Episode #1 - 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack'

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Episode #1 - 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #1 - 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack'   Episode #1 - 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:08 pm

Episode 3.1: 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack'

Welcome to remote island country of Iceland! Over the next Thirty-Nine Days Sixteen Ordinary strangers will battle the elements and each other for the title of Sole Survivor. They will have to learn to adapt or be voted out of the game. Sixteen People, Thirty-Nine Days, 1... Survivor!

S_A.. Let_it_Burn.. Annfly.. Dickey.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. cokes.. Tanner.. halo.. B94-1.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Ivy.. Snake

"Welcome Survivors!" Ozzy shouted as the sixteen new Survivors gathered around. "First I'd like to introduce you all to our new host, Adam. Lisa is busy and unable to be a full time host so Adam will be taking over her responsiblities. Now its time to split you all into tribes, which should be relatively easy since you'll all be starting off on the same beach. That's right, this game will begin with you all playing 100% individual. Since there are so many of you however, in order to vote at Tribal Council you must compete in the immunity challenge or else you'll be left without a vote and without immunity sitting very vulnerably at Tribal Council. Here's your buffs, head on off to camp!"


"hey guys!" b94-1 shouted as they arrived on the beach "this is it we are all on the same beach. i can't wait to see this unfold!!!"
"ZOMG HEY b94!! COOL TWIST, FOR SURE" S_A continued.
"what? I'm like, confuseeed" cherry jello wondered
"hello everyone!" Kamikaze greeted them. The greetings continued into the night with the Tribe beginning to become used to one another.

Walnuts P(via confessional) "im really new to this, a frend said this would be cool, so i joined. my stratergy will be to make the merge. i hope i can make the jury. i can already tell who have playd alredy. cherry, dickie, and that supreme dude. i worry i wont make it far being a 'nube'."

celesticbliss(via confessional) "I'm wicked excited to get this game on! I think one thing I will work on getting through to everyone is that I'm extremely laid back but when someone double crosses me, I will make sure they regret it. I'm ot one to start drama, But if it involves me, I'll be sure to finish it with the last word. Hopefully that won't be too necessary.."

As many were getting settled and used to their surroundings, others were beginning to strategize...

Tanner(via confessional) "I'm already talking to Halo quite a bit. We are talking about alliances and seeing who is "available"
Anyway.....I can't wait for this game to start! I will try and put in as much effort as I can and see how far that takes me."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "I've been approached with a few alliances, but I'm not sure if I fully trust anyone yet. The good thing about being approached with deals is that they're more likely to be sincere than if I were to go out and make alliances left and right."

b94-1(via confessional) "i hope to do well in this game. i think it's cool we are all on the same beach. tanner has aproched me about an allience. i accepted it's my first one and i know i can trust him!"

S_A(via confessional) "So ready for this season. In the past, I've played very low-key. But I think in this game I'm going to TRY and screw with people. Already, I see targets in A-Sup and Annfly, for obvious reasons. They're both great competitors and Annfly hates me from anopther game. So I'm fairly sure she'll be gunning for me. Maybe since that's what people are expecting, I should try and team up with her..."

With all the conversing and strategizing, little was done to improve the camp. So everybody slept out in the Icelandic open-air.....
The following morning the camp was stirred by S_A, reading the first Tree Mail:

"You got off the boats and found only one beach
You started building and gathering wood
And thinking how immunity can be in your reach
Meeting each other is all well and good

But now the game is about to really begin
You've taken time to work and time to rest
This is the first step to the ultimate win
and knowing the hosts is what I would suggest"

"HM....INTERESTING", S_A said as he finished reading.
"I like riddles for the challenge...but I hate it when I can't get right now!" Tanner cried out.
After a bit of thinking, all cherry jello is annoying could say is "zomg".

Elsewhere, more players began thinking strategy, and deception was the thought on many people's mind...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Well here I am back in this crazy game.

And I'll just start off saying that I'm LIGHTSOUT baby!

I really think they're are a lot of people here who aren't noobies and are just acting like them (like me) Most of them seem very suspicious. My plans so far are to allign with fake cherry (real cherry! lol! she told me and danny) She's the only one I've told that I'm lightsout. I will probably tell maybe S_A or Danny once we get going but right now I'm keeping it a secret. I am thinking this might start out like Survivor IMDB 8 where the winner of the immunity challenge gets to bring like 7 others to tribal council. I don't know but it'll be interesting!

Basically I am in an alliance with TankTanner who I absolutely DESPISE from IMDB. He has no idea that I am actually lightsout so I am trying to get as much info from him as possible. The great thing is that he just told me that he HATES cherry (my alliance member!) so I am so gonna relay that info to cherry! I hope to become a spy against TankTanner.

Also I said I talked to cherry on myspace once and I told tanner that I think the cherry on here might be a fake one (which i know isn't true but that's the image that cherry is trying to put off) basically I want cherry in the finals with me but I already know she's with other people as well. (I think danny) So I don't know if I would be her first choice. But for now I think I'm safe with her so I'm going to ride her coattails as long as possible and hopefully make it to the end with her. If not then screw it! lol!"

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "So I'm pretending to be an exaggerated version of myself in hopes of convincing people I'm not really me, just someone pretending to be me. The only people who know it's me are Danny, S_A, and Swinners. Swinners knows Danny knows. I think both Danny and S_A think they are the only ones who know. haha."

"Welcome castaways to the first individual immunity challenge of Lsquared: Iceland," Adam said as he welcomed the castaways to the challenge area. "That's right, we're starting with individual immunity. For those of you who have watched the Lsquared series, you are familiar with the other 2 hosts, Ozzy and Lisa. Now this challenge will give you the opportunity to meet your third host, me. I have given you 20 bits of information about me, along with a related question.

The first person to submit all 20 questions correctly will win immunity. You will have 2 hours to submit answers to me. Remember to submit even if you don't believe you have all of them correct; because if you do not submit answers, you will not have an opportunity to vote at Tribal Council. As long as you submit ANYTHING within the 2 hour limit, you will be eligible to vote at Tribal Council.

Survivors ready...GO!!!"

After two hours of struggling for answers, Adam stopped the challenge and announced the winners...
"First, I will reveal the players that did not send in any answers and are thus not eligible to vote at our first Tribal Council:
Celesticbliss, Cokes, Dickey, Let_it_burn, Snake

Here is the order of correct answers starting at the bottom:
Ivy - 0
b94 - 2
Kamikaze – 12
Tanner - 16
Walnuts - 17
Halo - 17
S_A - 19
A-Supreme - 19
Valkyrie - 20
Cherry - 20
That leaves the winner of our first Immunity Challenge, the first to get all 20 correct - Annfly."

Adam continued "Now Annfly, as the winner of this immunity challenge, you are, of course, immune from our first Tribal Council. However, you are also able to send 1 person to Exile Island. That person will stay exiled until AFTER the next challenge, meaning they will not only be immune from tribal council tonight, but will also NOT be competing in the next immunity challenge."

After considering each person, annfly came to a decision, "This is hard as immunity is good, but having to sit out next time could be a disadvantage. However, sometimes on exile people get advantages. So...Valkyrie and Cherry sent in the correct answers but Valkyrie was faster. I have decided to send Valkyrie, and hope that immunity this round is a good thing."

"Ok, Valkyrie you have been exiled and thus are not allowed to vote in this Tribal Council and you will not compete in the next immunity challenge," Adam replied. And with that, Valkyrie was escorted to exile, while the rest of the castaways returned to their beach.

Valkyrie(via confessional) "It was nice that Annfly exiled me, but also a little scary. I COULD get voted out at the next TC, and there's nothing I can really do about it. Although, I will admit that not having to do the next challenge is not too bad!

So far, the only person to talk to me is Tanner, but no one has approached me about any sort of alliance. That's a little frightening. I'm not quite sure how to take that. It could have something to do with the fact that no one knows who I am. And for that, I'm kind of grateful. Right now, anyway.

So, since no one talks to me, I'll just make my way to Exile Island, and pray to whatever god we're following out here that someone put some food out for me. And fire. Fire's good."

On the return trip, players congratulated annfly on the win.
"Awesome job Ann. I think I missed the one about the Ford cars...", said S_A.
"good job guys! That was hard!", added Kamikaze_Flame.
"zomgzomg? i was so close zomg this sucksssssssssss its sooooo fruuuuuustratingggggggggg you dont understannnnnnnnnnd", said cherry jello is annoying.....

Upon returning to camp, the tribe finally begins to work on their living situation.

"I'll help build the shelter... I always dreamed of being a lumberjack." said A-Supreme. He was joined by Cokes on building the shelter. After Walnuts P and Tanner gathered some wood and Celesticbliss and Dickey began working on fire, Annfly started cooking.

"Dinner's ready." annfly said. "I found these small fish in a pool. Herring? Sardines? Anyone feeling brave? I'm pretty sure the greens are safe. I did tell everyone to pee to left of camp, didn't i?"
Celesticbliss added, "I found some blueberries just north of camp.. And I did a little research before we came here so these berries are safe."

While many were enjoying the meal of fish and berries, others were off making early alliances...

Halo(via confessional) "Tanner came to me right off the bat. Obviously I accepted. We've been debating on who we want in our alliance. After running through all the people, we guess who's with who (I think I'm pretty much right.) and we sided with b94.

I've also talked to one of the people I dont know who I want an alliance with. That person is Kamikaze_Flame. I've got a few ideas who he/she is, but no solid guesses yet."

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "I'm talking to Halo on aim, pretty sure he thinks I'm someone else. I apologise to you guys cuz I know I'm gonna be reallyyyyy annoying on the board, but it's SO fun."

S_A(via confessional) "So as of now, I'm in a "Hilton" family alliance with Cherry. She's Paris, and I'm Rick Solomon. I could see her and I working well together (if ya' know what I mean....)

But yeah I'm also talking to Kamikaze a lot, and we've already initiated an alliance there.

I'm also talking to A-Sup, trying to feel out where he is strategically. As of now though, I've got no intentions to vote anyone off for specific reasons. But I'm sure that'll change soon..."

The night ended with a lot of shuffling alliances and determining who to vote for as everybody was anxious about the following night's Tribal Council...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Okay I have told 3 people that I am lightsout. Cherry, Halo, and S_A. I don't know if this will come to bite me in the ass (probably will) but hopefully they can trust me. And I've been talking to danny and I told him to guess who I am. So far he's said Survivorisdabest and Kateness! haha! I don't see myself going far in this game. I don't know why but I think I'm gonna go early. Hopefully not though!"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "Tonight was a night of scrambling, for sure! Annfly immediately told me she was voting for Ivy, so I immediately begun working with Walnut to save myself. Kamikazi was working it and working it hard to get me out, but I think I realized he was LightsOut46 in disguise. Because Kamikazi wanted to form an alliance with me yesterday (he claimed I was one of his first IMDb friends and he called me "Danny"), and then me and LightsOut got into a fight last night. Now, Kamikazi was working it hard to get me out today. How does that work... he must be LightsOut."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "People don't know that I'm playing the part of the goofy nice guy that people will "use". People are telling me it's A-Supreme. Yeah, I can't vote him out. Valkyrie, A-Supreme, and I have an alliance.

Too many names popping up. I'm just happy as a pig in feces that MY name isn't coming up."

The next day began with more work on the camp as the castaways began to complain about the cold.

"wheres the fire? its dammmmmmm cold," Walnuts P stated as he awoke.
"I'm freeeezing as well..," said celesticbliss.
"maybe if someone built us a fire....
*cough*kamikazeflame*cough*," added Tanner.
Cokes jumped in, "my nipples r hard lol".
Tanner responded, "yeah.......we noticed. wear a bra next time por favor."

As the afternoon came, people were still trying to figure out who to vote for...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "What a night! CRAZY!!!! Kamikaze has been exposed as the Duke of Douchebags, Swinney. Tanner went from voting Let_It_Burn to A-Supreme to Ivy! I managed to convinced B94 to vote Ivy over A-Supreme.

Oh my....I'm SOOOOOOO shaking in my boots, Kamikaze threatened me to vote his way. Whatever will I do. The big bad Kamikaze threatened me. Kamikaze pilots die....and Swinney/Kamikaze WILL crash and burn in this game!!!

This is awesome. Now, I have started an alliance with Tanner that I may or may not honor. They way I see it, my Alliance remains with A-Supreme and Valkyrie.

So, here's how it will play out....6 votes Ivy, 4 votes A-Supreme, and a deuce in Kamikaze's pants.

Unless people are lying, this IS Survivor, after all....Then it could be 5 votes A-Supreme, 5 votes Ivy....and THAT Would be interesting!


Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS CRAZY!!!

Okay basically I have set it ALL up for A-Supreme to leave. Hopefully it will happen. He is a huge threat and a danger to the game. Also Walnuts said no one had talked to him so I got a little friendly with him and told him everyone is voting out A-supreme. Hopefully the vote won't be split because I know annfly wants cherry out. So I'm worried for her!

This game is so crazy right now!"

S_A(via confessional) "ZOMG I'm needed!!! Hahahaha I love it. I love this. A-Sup wants me to boot out Ivy, who didn't do the challenge. He says there will be a voting bloc against her anyways.

Kamikaze, Cherry, and Walnuts want me to boot off A_Sup to "help save Cherry." So basically I'm stuck right in the middle and I could vote wherever the hell I want.

I said before that I would NOT be playing a clean game. So bring on the back-stabbings!!"

Dickey(via confessional) "apparently Danny's on the chopping block (A-sup, w/e)and that pretty much sucks because I know Danny and I know he would (probably) never vote me out... I have to try and get people to vote out Kamikazee... I know it's swinney and I don't want him getting on his usual high horse

i wish i could actually vote lol"

b94-1(via confessional) "This game is wild!! everyone is pulling so many different ways. i don't care who goes as long as i stay in it. this all on the same beach thing is so crazy!!!!!"

Ozzy welcomed the 16 castaways to the Tribal Council area...

"Behind each of you is a torch, please grab a torch and approach the flame. In this game fire represents life and when your torch is snuffed your game is over.

On the bright side of things lets get to some Q and A's before the vote. Excited to start the game?"
"OMG yes! I can't wait to get to know everyone in here, whether it be on friendly terms or a competitive level!" Tanner replied.
S_A added, "I am pretty excited, but I just hope I'm not the first to go."
"Any perdictions on how well you think everyone will do?" Ozzy asked.
"I have no clue... there's a lot of competitors here. It'll be damn near impossible to tell how anyone will do at this point in the game." responded A-Supreme.
"Hows camp life?" asked Ozzy.
b94-1 was quick to answer, "camp life is good everyone says that I'm so buff."
Cherry jello is annoying added, "zomg sex"
S_A wasn't so positive, "It sucks. I'm starving."
Ozzy finished the questions with, "How will you base your vote tongiht?"
Annfly answered, "I think people should be active, so my vote would often be for people who were not here. But, I thought b94's and Ivy's scores were lame. They obviously didn't even try, but wanted to be able to vote. To me, on this first challenge, that's worse that not being here, as people may not have realized that the game had started."

With that, the eligible players: b94-1, Kamizake_Flame, S_A, Ivy, Annfly, A-supreme, Walnuts P, Tanner, Halo and cherry jello is annoying voted.

"Once the votes are read the decision is final the person voted out will be asked ot leave the Tribal Council area immediately, I'll read the votes..

First Vote..

Second Vote..

Third Vote...

Fourth Vote...

Fifth Vote..

Sixth Vote..

Seventh Vote..

Eighth Vote..

Ninth Vote and first person voted out...

Ivy you need to bring me your torch."

Next time on Lsquared.....

Paranoia strikes as Kamikaze_Flame tries to determine who lied about their votes to him. B94-1 has some complaints about the sleeping conditions. A couple players try to catch up with the goings-on of the game.
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Episode #1 - 'I always dreamed of being a lumberjack'
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