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 Episode #12 - 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?'

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Episode #12 - 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #12 - 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?'   Episode #12 - 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:22 pm

Episode 3.12: 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?'

Last time on Lsquared...

Valkyrie and A-Supreme that Walnuts P would betray his alliance with Tanner. But they both still knew he had ties with Snake and Kamikaze_Flame. Kamikaze_Flame knew that his only hope of staying was helping to take out Tanner. Walnuts P had the tough decision of which alliance to stick to.

At the Immunity Challenge auction, A-Supreme took home nearly all of the items, including immunity and a chance to nullify another player's vote. He decided to take away Kamikaze_Flame's vote. This made Walnuts P's decision quite easy. Without the numbers, he had to appease A-Supreme and Valkyrie and vote out Kamikaze_Flame.

5 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

Back at camp, a couple players were happy to see a major threat gone...


Seriously, I have wanted him gone for so long, I was beginning to lose hope that it would ever happen. I was envisioning him making F2, just because someone else always seemed more important to vote out. Walnuts may not have had a serious alliance with Kami, but they did have some sort of bond, and in all honesty, that made me VERY nervous. I like knowing what my alliance is doing (at least to a certain extent), and as long as Kami was in the picture, I had no idea what was going on.

Walnuts already almost jumped ship on A-Sup and me, I couldn't risk that actually happening for real. It was bad enough that he apparently told Tanner that he was ok with me going F6, so he wouldn't have to vote against me, but for this whole Kami/Walnuts relationship to have continued as long as it did bothered me.

The only bad thing to come out of all this, is that I'm sure everyone must now know about the F3 secret alliance between Walnuts, A-Sup and myself. There's no hiding it now. But in all honesty, it's too late for anyone to do anything about it now. I mean, who's going to try and make a power play? Snake? He can't even show up for challenges, and barely votes, if he's actually able to make anything of himself, I'll be totally shocked."

A-Supreme(via confessional "After Kamikaze was voted out, we were officially down to five tribe members. Three tribe members -- Walnuts, Valkyrie, and myself -- are very active and are in an alliance with each other. The other two are Snake and CelesticBliss, who are considered to be inactive. So, our alliance has absolute control in this game and should have no issue of making the final three...unless I'm being played in this game.

Kamikaze said that I'm just sticking around because I won immunity. That put the idea in my head that perhaps Walnuts and Valkyrie have been playing me this entire game. And, unfortunately, I can't be too entirely sure he's wrong. I mean, Tanner thought that he had a great alliance going with those two and they voted him out. I too feel that I have a great alliance going with them, but did they stick with me because they wanted to or did they stick with me because I had immunity the last two tribal councils? I like to be positive and think that our alliance is strong and that Walnuts and Valkyrie truly want us three to be the final three. But I'm not a naïve person...I've been burned and backstabbed in previous games and have learned to be cautious of even my closest allies. I could have possibly put myself in a horrible spot because I may need to win every immunity from here on out to stay alive in this game. However, that's assuming that my alliance with Valkyrie and Walnuts is based off deception and they're planning on dumping me before the final three. I like to think that's not the case, but I just have to prepare myself to go home should I lose immunity."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "The last Tribal Council was TOTALLY brutal for me. Had A-Supreme not nullified Kamikaze's vote, I would have tried to knock out Celestic. Funny how A-Supreme keeps winning immunity when he needs it the most.

Ugh....I think I am approaching infamy. I'm pretty sure the entire Jury HATES me.

I think it's a no-brainer that TheJattster will do anything to win, I am hoping to piss the Jury off enough to convince people I am the one to take to the Final Two."

The next morning, Snake realized that he might be the next to go...

Snake(via confessional) "Well, I must say I'm surprised to have made it this far. Of course, my inactivity was part of my plan. With this game I wanted to try out a farfetched plan I had of being inactive so that I wouldn't be percieved as a threat and if I made the merge I would be the one people would want to take to the final two. It's sort of a harsh and idiotic strategy but to be frank I'm sick of getting blindsided, betrayed and everything else. I have an aliance with Walnuts which I am 100% loyal to, I'm going to stick by them to the end."

The players made their way to the challenge area, Ozzy welcomed the tribe and announced the challenge, "For tonights challenge you will be tested on what you believe your fellow competitors have said in their confessionals. There will be 5 quotes given to you (none revealing strategies/alliances) and your objective is to figure out who of the final five said which. Each person is represent once...
You have one hour to complete the challenge before I declare teh person with teh highest score teh winner. If someone gets a 5/5 they will be announced as the winner right then and there. Not too hard of a challenge, if you're lucky"

In only a matter of minutes, Ozzy announced the winner. "Walnuts wins immunity!!"

With that the tribe headed back to camp...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "I WON IMMUNITY!!!! My second!!! I am truly awesome! Tonight's vote for me, is a no-brainer. A-Supreme and Valkyrie are maintaining their under the radar status.

They wanted Kami gone, I appeased them. Now that Snake has made it known his head is back in the game, he is a threat to the Axis of Awesomeness. I'm not going to act like he's not a threat to me, Immunity or not, what I am saying is, Kami leaving is like beating the grass exposing a snake, and then lopping it's head off, placing it on a stick, and posting it in my front yard.....if I had one.

At this point, I have now resigned myself as being the villain of the season. What I find funny is Tanner's claim I have a Final Three with Valkyrie and Celestic. I am reminded of "Die Hard" when Hans Gruber says "We blow the roof, they spend a month looking through the rubble and by the time they figure out what happened, we'll be on a beach earning 20%".

Well, by the time they realize that the Axis of Awesomeness have controlled the merge, two of us will be sitting in the Finals. Ain't life like a box of chocolates? The fatter you are, the quicker they go!"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "It came time for our final five individual immunity challenge, which was surprisingly short and easy. Each of the final five players had a sentence taken from their confessionals. We simply had to guess which sentence from the confessional matched up to the contestant who wrote it. I knew my own (obviously), Snake's (since he was inactive), and Walnuts. However, I was stumped on Valkyrie's and Celestic's. The sentences both seemed like something both of them would write. So, it just came down to guessing. Unluckily, I matched wrong and ended up with a score of 3/5, leaving me fairly sure that someone else got all five correct. It was announced that Walnuts won immunity. Though I had previously voiced my concerns that Walnuts and Valkyrie could be playing me for a fool, this was an opportunity to see if they were truly loyal to me since I was not wearing the immunity necklace. Additionally, by my not having immunity, it could show the jurors that I didn't just stick around because I won immunity."

The tribe was quiet for the rest of the day, as it seemed obvious who was going to be sent home.

But before they headed off to Tribal Council, Walnuts P recited a poem he had penned...

"Here's a little poem I wrote:
Her name was Lola,
She was a showgirl
With faded feathers in her hair
And a dress cut down to there

She would----

Oh wait, that's "Copacabana".

Here's the real poem:

So here we sit as the Final Five.
In the Finals is where we strive.

Three will go, two will stay.
This is a tough game that we play.

Some have betrayed, some have lied.
And in the Jury House is where Cherry cried.

Some made moves, some did plot.
In this game, Annfly is not.

A toast to the Puffins to which I dined,
And to the Jury House where Tanner whined.

And also to Kami who is sorely missed,
In Jury House, I assume he's pissed.

Who is next to go is hard to say,
But with Immunity, I know I'll stay!

I've had a blast, it's been grand.
Another toast to LSquared: Iceland!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! No applause needed!!!"

Ozzy greeted the players as they made their way to Tribal Council. "Welcome to Tribal Council. Please continue as you have been doing, posting yuor thoughts on teh game and the most recent voted off: Kami"
Walnuts P interrupted, "Well, before you ask, I am NOT giving up my immunity.

Voting out Kami was probably the most difficult decision I had to make in this game. At this point, when looking at who I have the most chance at beating, Kami was him. I'm not saying I could beat him, but I had a better chance against him.

Nullifying his vote was what knocked him out, in all honesty.

But then again, one has to consider who has been the most loyal since day one? I can't say it was the wrong move, it was definitely the toughest. After all, I'm SO not making any friends on the Jury!!!!

This is a game where lying is expected. Sometimes you have to put faith in people who will inevitably screw you over. I'm sorry, but that's the game. Deal with it."

With that, the players made their way and voted. Ozzy retrieved the votes, "Once the votes are read the decision is final the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes..

First Vote..

Second Vote..

Third Vote...

Fourth Vote and Fifth Member of Our Jury..

Snake you need to bring me your torch"
"Damn, you guys got me good, and I deserved it, thank you for ending my reign of inactivity." Snake exclaimed.
"Sorry Snake, you have too many friends on the Jury." Walnuts P replied.

Next time on Lsquared...

Two players battle hard for the immunity necklace. Meanwhile Walnuts P feels quite sure of himself for the finals. One final player has a chance to break up the "Axis of Awesomeness".
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Episode #12 - 'who's going to try and make a power play? Snake?'
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