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 Episode #3 - 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass'

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Episode #3 - 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #3 - 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass'   Episode #3 - 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:11 pm

Episode 3.3: 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass'

Last time on Lsquared...

The tribe finally finished the shelter and got the camp area cleaned up. Confusion and paranoia struck Kamikaze_Flame as he realized that some players were lying to him. At the immunity challenge, several players struggled, but A_Supreme flew threw the challenge and won himself immunity. He chose to send halo to exile island.

Valkyrie returned from exile island and Snake was finally heard from. Both tried to get scramble to figure out how the game was moving. Several castaways decided to vote out inactive players; at Tribal Council, it was inactive Let_It_Burn that was voted out.

14 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
S_A.. Let_it_Burn.. Annfly.. Dickey.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. cokes.. Tanner.. halo.. B94-1.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Ivy.. Snake

The tribe begins the slow walk back to the beach area. Some were happy to still be alive in the game, while others continued plotting...

b94-1(via confessional) "well let it burn has become the second to be elimnated! so my allience is tanner,halo and i. I'm glad i was saved this week. i will make sure to make the challenge next time. i wish we chould make some tribes this whole on the same beach thing is very hectic. but easy to fly under the rader. my plans for this game is to lay low for a bit, be active and get a core allience that has the numbers"

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Oh My God. FRIGGIN CLOSE CALL!

I got one vote at tribal council. I'm glad I switched my vote to letitburn and I'm double glad almost everyone else voted out letitburn too!

Me and b94 got a vote at tribal so that's why I am thinking to maybe possibly get a friendship going there because we had a similarity. Still, that's just a plan and nothing for sure.

I don't know who voted for me and I honestly don't care. I'm just pysched to be here and I'm going to try to continue my plan of winning immunity but if i don't, do nothing. lol! I probably won't make it really far but who knows, I can hope to make it a bit farther and maybe even get to the end!"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Okay so, yeah, I voted Kamikaze. I just did it make him uneasy, see if he scampers around. With any luck, he'll be gone soon, very soon.

The bad news, I may have accidentally and publicly admitted some strategy. The good news is Snake agreed to an alliance with the "dimwitted" Walnuts P. And you know what Walnuts P says to another alliance? "Cooldiggity"."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, the same people who voted to keep me last tribal council now voted in different directions. Right now, I've been approached with multiple alliances. The alliance I intend to stay loyal to is Walnut and Valkyrie. I also agreed to be in an alliance with Dickey and Cherry-Is-Annoying. I'm just sort of going to stay loyal to both alliances for now and see how it plays out. When people ask you for an alliance, you'd be an idiot to decline, you know?

There are a lot of conflicting interests in this group of players. Some players are voting based on activity while others are voting personally. Walnut, Valkyrie, and I didn't really get a chance to sit down to discuss how our votes were going to be placed. We really wanted to vote out Kamikazi, but no one else would go for it. Cherry-Is-Annoying said that she wanted to vote for an inactive player, and Annfly was determined to vote against b94. So, what's a guy to do? This tribal council, I voted against Let_It_Burn because that's how Cherry-Is-Annoying told me to vote and I felt that it was a safer choice.

So, what's the ultimate goal here? For now, I really want to try to get a solid voting bloc together that will actually vote the same. I'm wondering if I can somehow merge my alliances with Walnut and Valkyrie with Dickey and Cherry-Is-Annoying, but I'm afraid to bring it up to either side for fear that they'll think I have too many deals going. I'm hoping we can continue voting the inactives out earlier and eventually maybe Cherry-Is-Annoying and Dickey will be willing to vote off power instead of weak links. We'll see."

The tribe arrived back to Arnarson camp and slept in the comforts of their shelter by the fire. The next morning, the tribe was surprised to see Tree Mail waiting for them. Annfly read...
"Organization can be a key
Keeping your tribemates all in line
When you know how everyone stands
You should be doing fine

Remembering everything can make you crazy
It could be time to sit back and rest
If you haven't taken time to view the lands
Winning this challenge could be best"

With that, the tribe went off for their next challenge.

"Everybody welcome to your first reward challenge." Adam welcomed the players. Adam announced the winner of the reward challenge would chose 2 fellow castaways to take a tour of Iceland. The three would be spending a few nights away from the camp. Adam concluded, "Here’s what it means: the three of you will be gone for the next immunity challenge and Tribal council, making you immune, but also ineligible to vote.

Here's how the challenge will work: I will give you 5 categories and 15 letters of the alphabet. What you must do is write down something that fits under the category for 10 of the letters. PM your answers to me. You will get 1 point for each correct answer. However, if anybody else uses the same word, you will not receive the point. You will also be penalized a point for each letter over 10 that you use in a category. So if you give me 15 words under a category, you'll be penalized 5 points. A perfect score is 50 points. The winner of the reward will be whoever finishes with the most points.

In the case of a 2-way tie, you both will go to the reward, and you’ll decide who the third to join you will be. If 3 tie, all 3 will go on reward. If more than 3 tie for first place, there will be a tie-breaker round (that will be time-based, so be sure to be here for the reveal). Survivors Ready...GO"

A few of the players thought about the reward of winning the challenge and decided not to compete and lose a vote at Tribal Council. Meanwhile, those that were competing were having difficulty.
"oh son of a btich.. I got some penalty points comin my way," shouted celesticbliss in anger.
"not cooldiggity i messed up," Walnuts P later added.

After the challengers that competed turned in answers, Adam revealed the results.
"Only 6 people turned in challenge answers. After taking out penalties and subtracting points for repeat answers, the final tally was:

Walnuts 7 pts
celesticbliss 18 pts
Dickey 19 pts
Kamikaze 34 pts
A-Supreme 35 pts
and your reward challenge winner with 45 pts...

As a result, annfly you get to chose 2 people to go with you on the reward. All 3 of you will be inactive for the next immunity challenge, as well as Tribal Council. This means you are immune but you also won't be able to vote."

Annfly replied, "The two people I ahve decided to take with me are Celesticbliss and Snake. I chose Celesticbliss because I love her signature - mine's a sailor but the sentiment is the same. I chose Snake, because I have never been to Australia and if I am nice to him maybe he will invite me to come and visit!"
Snake thanked Annfly, "I really appreciate it, as a matter of fact I think I will invite you to Australia. After all it is a very nice place."
Celesticbliss added, "aww thanks ann! glad you thought of me"

The three of them were taken away for their reward. Meanwhile, some of the castaways were confused by Ann's choices...

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, annfly really showed her hand today after winning the Reward Challenge. She chooses celesticbliss, which doesn't surprise me since those two are allied. But then she chooses Snake, who hasn't done **** in this game other than form alliances with people left and right. I found the decision pretty hypocritical on annfly's part, considering she's been the major proponent for kicking out inactive players. annfly told me directly that she was with celesticbliss, and by picking celesticbliss along with Snake, that tells me that annfly thinks she has a deal with Snake.

The hilarious part is the fact that Snake has offered alliances to many different people. He wanted to form an alliance with me, saying that we worked so well together and that he wanted to go far in this game. However, then I hear that he's formed an alliance with Walnut, too! And the fact that he didn't even respond after I accepted his alliance tells me that perhaps Snake is be a, er, snake in the grass."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "The Reward Challenge, yeah I screwed up, why? Because I don't want to be perceived as a threat. BUT COME ON!!!! ANNFLY IS TAKING SNAKE????? Freaking hypocritical bitch. I would understand if it if she took Kamikaze, Valkyrie, A-Supreme, or Dickey or anyone else who showed up at a challenge.....but SNAKE?????

Snake is NOT to be trusted. He makes alliances with EVERYONE!!!! Not that I mind, but with Snake deciding to play, I HAVE to align with Kamikaze! Snake is dangerous. The dude needs to get his head and tail lopped off ASAP!!!"

Back at camp, some of the castaways were overly excited to have a visitor...

"Look up in the air!!! There's a puffin!" exclaimed A-Supreme. "This is such a cute bird."
"Wtf is it like a flying penguin?" pondered cherry jello is annoying.
A-Supreme responded, "Well, puffins and penguins are in the same Kingdom, Phylum, and Class. However, puffins have a larger beak than penguins. Plus, penguins can't fly while puffins can."
In an attempt to sound smart, b94-1 added, "I thought the puffin birds were only bred in the faroe islands and Baffin island."
"hehe... they're also found in Iceland." A-Supreme said.
Cokes added, "That's a nice bird."

While the tribe continued trading their knowledge of birds, halo felt alone on Exile Island and he was worried that being away from the tribe could cost him...
"I dont like being exiled! I can win or even try at any challenges. I'm still exiled until tomorrow's challenge. After last week's vote, I attempted to oust A-Sup. Kam Flame told me to get him out. (Obviously he's somebody good at IMDb games, but who?) I talked to Cherry about it and she said she'd go along with it. I was wrong. She probably told A-Sup and now he want's me out. That will probably happen."

On the Arnarson camp, Kamikaze_Flame was also worried...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "I really have no idea what is going on in this game which kind of scares me. I mean, I have no clue about ANYONE's alliances, INCLUDING MY OWN!!! So I'm hoping to win immunity. But what also sucks is that I have been sucking at the challenges! Although ann is gone for this one so maybe I have a chance. idk. Ann's a beast! lol"

Others weren't feeling the stress of the game...

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "So I'm pretty much gonna have fun this game and see how much I get away with. I've already lied to a ton of people, I convinced Swinners I voted with him the first week. I am keeping it secret from Danny that SA voted for him. And I'm pretty sure I told some lie to Halo and Tanner. Haha. I'll probably just lie to everyone except Dickey and S_A.

I won't lie to Dickey because there's no point. He and I know each other ridiculously well and would probably see through it anyway, plus we know we can trust each other no matter what. S_A I've always wanted to play a game with, and I didn't go first this time, so I wanna actually enjoy playing with him.

I should probably make some more random ditzy posts. I need to annoy people."

The tribe, beginning to feel more comfortable with their surroundings, weren't scrambling for alliances and enjoyed another good night's sleep. The next morning, Tanner read off another Tree Mail,
"Reward sent three away for quite awhile
Two you have already voted to go home
One remains all alone in exile
Zero know what is next to come

So what comes next you might ask
Do you feel closer to a win
Winning a challenge may be an easy task
But the true test is about to begin"

A couple castaways were so caught up with the brilliant poetry of the message, they didn't think about what was to come.

"zomg swtiza is like, a survivor poet" cherry jello is annoying said.
Tanner added "I know! I was like Wow that is really good."

Elsewhere Walnuts P was definitely strategizing for the challenge...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "The Immunity Challenge is coming up. Halo, Snake, CelesticBliss, and Annfly cannot compete, so the odds are definitely in my favor. Now, should I win Immunity, I have every intention in sending Kamikaze_Flame to Exile Island. It serves three purposes. One, I tell him that it was make sure he was immune. Two, he cannot compete at the next challenge. Three, he cannot vote out A-Supreme. We'll see how it goes."

Ozzy welcomed the tribe to the challenge area and began describing the challenge. "For todays challenge we will test you on your knowledge of those who have come before you. Today, I will present you with FIVE quotes and your assignment is to figure out who said what from the Lsquared Episodes previously posted to win the challenge. You have two hours to complete this challenge to either (a) win immunity or (b) win a vote at Tribal Council."

After the two hours ended, Ozzy announced, "The winner is............Walnuts P!!! Walnuts has chosen to sent Kamikaze to Exile Island. Halo shall return for Tribal Council."

The following CAN vote tonight
Walnuts P

With only 5 votes to be cast, the power seemed to shift to those five's hands...

Walnuts P(via confessional) " quote the great Hannibal Smith from "The A-Team": "I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!!!" I just wish I had a cigar while I say it.

I won immunity, just as I had hoped. That reward took out all the stronger players, A-Supreme took care of Halo by sending him to Exile.

The best part is, only five people can vote. Dickey, Halo, A-Supreme, Valkyrie, and myself. No matter what happens, OUR ALLIANCE IS CHOOSING WHO IS LEAVING! WE GET TO DETERMINE WHOSE DREAMS WE CRUSH!

Oh yes, I feel it...I feel the intoxicating sensation of TRUE POW-AH!!!!!"

The tribe was re-joined by halo at camp. Camp life was quiet for the evening as so few people were able to vote. Again, not much scrambling took place as the players seem content in their alliances...

Dickey(via confessional) "so apparently i am in a 4-person alliance with A, Cherry and S_A

i dont think i have ever talked to S_A lol

meh, i know other people if that alliance falls through"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "We're feeling the POW-AH!!! A-Supreme and I have decided to call Valkyrie and ourselves the Axis of Awesomeness!

Last Tribal Council, we did what everyone else wanted, everyone else being Annfly. It's time to make a play. This is an opportunity for us to knock out a definite alliance. Is it risky? Sure, but you can never make the grade by playing it safe.

Now, Queen Annfly would want us to vote B94. I swear, A-Supreme is too worried about that stuck up bitch. It's like walking on eggshells around her! She wields WAY too much power, I don't know if I'm the only one who sees it, but she does. Who do you think wanted Let_it_Burn gone? The sooner she goes, the better I'LL feel. Just like us, she thinks she can dictate who goes, she thinks we're serving her a Survivor win. Not today, baby.

I don't know who I despise more: Kamikaze or Annfly."

"Alright everybody, come on in for your third Tribal Council. Let's get some questions out of the way first." Adam welcomed the tribe into Tribal Council. "What is the toughest part about starting as individuals instead of tribes?"
Tanner was first to answer, "There are so many people. Just talking to everyone is a challenge by itself. With tribes at least you have a certain number of people who you basically have to talk to. Also, who gets voted out is probably different as individuals, because you are looking out for yourself more than trying to keep your tribe as #1, for the most part."
"Probably the fact that there's SO many options. You can go any which way, but there's a lot of things to choose from." S_A added.
"keeping track of who pooped where (i KNOW some people don't use the latrine)" replied Dickey.
"Are there people really rising up as the biggest targets?"
"im sure there r. but no1 tells me anything about targets really. im just votin where people tell me 2." answered Walnuts P.
b94-1 added, "I think so. I'm not going to mention them but there are folks who look like they chould be big players down the road."
"Do you think you might be going home tonight?"
"I'm always expecting it, but I think that there's better people to send home earlier than myself. That sounds cocky, but its just true." proclaimed S_A.
Valkyrie said, "except for when it was just me and the bugs, i think i'm going home every night."

"And with that, it is time to vote:
Walnuts P, halo, Valkyrie, A-Supreme, Dickey"

You are the only 5 eligible to vote.

Here is who you can vote out:

Everybody else is either immune, exiled or on reward."

The 5 cast their votes.

Ok everybody, I'll go tally the votes. The person with the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

First vote


Second vote


Third vote

The third person voted out of Lsquared: Iceland

Three votes is enough. Halo its time for you to go."
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Episode #3 - 'Perhaps Snake is a, er, snake in the grass'
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