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 Episode #9 - 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!'

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Episode #9 - 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #9 - 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!'   Episode #9 - 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:18 pm

Episode 3.9: 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!'

Last time on Lsquared...

The tribes merged back onto the Arnarson beach. Kamikaze_Flame hatched a new strategy when we thought he learned some secret information about celesticbliss. At the immunity challenge, Walnuts P hoped to win to give celesticbliss the immunity necklace and force players to vote out cherry jello is annoying. Instead, it was Valkyrie that won immunity.

Back at camp, Kamikaze_Flame felt he had support in voting out celesticbliss. However, his information was incorrect, and Valkyrie, A-Supreme and Walnuts P chose to save celesticbliss and turned everybody on the cherry jello is annoying/Kamikaze_Flame alliance. In the end, cherry jello is annoying became the first member of the jury.

8 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

Back at Arnarson, celesticbliss was confused by what had been happening recently at camp, while Kamikaze_Flame felt betrayed. I also appeared the self-proclaimed "Axis of Awesomeness" had regained control of the game...

celesticbliss(via confessional) "So according to other people in this game, I am someone named mystic, who is married to walnuts.

Gotta love rumors started to get people further in the game.


Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "so i've been betrayed by EVERYONE, including who i thought was my closest ally. I'm totally alone now cept for snake but he sucks (no offense man! lol) just he's never on. So if I don't win the next immunity i'm gone. 100% gone. no questions asked. So this time I NEED to win immunity or else.

Now I need to investigate and find out what happened! LOL!

I really did intend to make it to final two with tanner. what sucks is that now he betrayed me. so yeah."

Valkyrie(via confessional) "first of all, after promising Kami that if Celestic was Mystic that I would vote her out, I voted out Cherry instead. We NEEDED to break up their alliance. Kami basically figured out after that move that I was Mystic, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of admitting it. I didn't deny it, either. So he can't say I lied to him. I was just very evasive with my answers. The thing is, my alliance didn't want Cherry getting any further in the game. BUT...I did make an important decision, and I told Tanner who I was. We wanted him to trust us, and I thought the best way was to tell him something big. He seemed to take it very well, and I think was happy at being on the inside, so to speak. We'll just see how the rest of this plays out."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "DING DONG CHERRY IS GONE!!! AND NOW CONTROVERSY STRIKES!!! NOW, Kami and everyone else thinks Mystic is Valkyrie!!! Oh that was the greatest Tribal Council EVER!!!! See Cherry sit there! See Cherry oblivious! See Cherry get voted out! See Cherry whine! See Cherry complain! See Cherry go wee-wee-wee all the way to the Jury House! That dirty, whiny pig!

A brilliant plan that came to fruition!!!! And the would-be power players are now scrambling! Tanner, Mystic/Valkyrie and I are DESTINED to be the Final Three!

Sorry Kami, you made the dumbest move EVER in telling Valkyrie/Mystic you wanted me gone."

Tanner(via confessional) "I teamed up with Jatt and some others to get cherry out. All part of the master plan. Boot list:

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, who ended up leaving this tribal council? Cherry-Is-Annoying! I voted for her out of the simple fact that I knew she was aligned with my arch-nemisis, Kamikaze_Flame. I even asked Cherry about her current alliances to see if she would be honest with me. However, she told me that she didn't really have any alliances and that she didn't know much of what was going on. So, with previous information given to me that she was allied with Kamikaze, I knew I couldn't trust her. So, when I was informed that my alliance was voting against her, I was more than willing to do so.

So, my faux alliance with Cherry-Is-Annoying, Dickey, and S_A is officially out of the game, leaving me safely aligned solely with Walnut and Valkyrie. I may have problems with Cherry-Is-Annoying because she's on the jury now and could give me hell if I make the final two, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Tanner is in with us, as well. Walnut also has Celestic's vote, as well. Annfly did vote with us, but there may be a problem now because Annfly doesn't like Mysticseer. Apparently, Kamikaze found out that Valkyrie was who Mysticseer was in this game and is working it to get people to turn on her. So, that might cause some problems.

All in all, I'm pretty impressed by what happened at tonight's tribal council. My alliance made it through another vote, and we'll worry about the next tribal council when the time comes."

After determining what had happened at the last vote, Kamikaze_Flame came to the following conclusion...
"ughhh i've just realized that I don't think celestic is mystic!

It's VAL!


As the next morning began, celesticbliss wanted some answers...
celesticbliss stated, "Not quite sure why my name has been dragged through the mud the past couple of days but I wanted to make it clear that I have absolutely no personal relationship with anyone in this game outside of a computer screen.

As a matter of fact my husband is a couple thousand miles away in iraq and has no idea this board exists.

Just so everyone is clear on that.

And next time anyone has and concerns of who I really am... ask me please."
Kamikaze_Flame, feeling guilty, replied, "celestic for spreading things about you because i did think they were true but now i just found out differently I'm sorry."
"well this game just keeps getting more interesting." celestic responded.
Kamikaze_Flame repeated, "again i'm sorry for misunderstanding and not consulting you about it."
"I suppose it isn't a real game unless there are rumors." celesticbliss concluded.

At that moment, Tanner gathered the tribe to read Tree Mail...
"Congrats on making it this far in the game
Once again you're on your own
The struggle you face is still the same
You're all together but you feel alone

Go for immunity you know what to do
Winning the challenge should be a breeze
This one is easy, yes it is true
All you'll need is your ABC's"
"coooolio" Tanner said.

As the challenge neared, the players realized the importance of this immunity...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Hm, what to do, what to do? I had a small conversation denying that Mystic is indeed Valkyrie. There is going to come a point where my strategy and alliances will come to a head. Looking down the line.....

Kami is going to everyone trying to save his ass. He could sell me out just to further his game.

Tanner is probably worried about a Jattster/Mystic Final Tribal Council Part Deux.

A-Supreme, I'm sorry to say will have to be a sacrifice at some point.

Snake is useless.

I'm in a not-so-cooldiggity position. One too many alliances, one too many lies, one too many ways to be a target.

The best move right now is to send people who CANNOT be beaten home. The only hope is Annfly doesn't win immunity."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "alot has gone on lately. I've heard from tanner that annfly has been decided to be the next to go which i'm all for and tanner says he has a plan to get us to the finals because the other alliance is having disputes. I realize it's a total longshot and i'm still gonna try my ass off for immunity, but atleast i have a chance. I don't trust tanner 100% anymore but what choice do i have anymore? me, him and snake have to stick together. and also i apologized to celestic and explained the whole ordeal and she said she accepted it."

Adam welcomed the castaways for their next challenge...
"For tonight's challenge, you simply have to PM me the 26 letters of the alphabet one-at-a-time. You can go in any order you'd like. The first person to send me a specific letter will receive one point and nobody else is able to get a point for that letter. After I have received all 26 letters, the person with the most points will be declared the winner."

After some time, Adam announced the results. "The scores were:

Kamikaze Flame - 6
celesticbliss - 7

And the winner of immunity with 13 points...

Congratulations Valkyrie, you are immune from the next tribal council. Everybody else is vulnerable."

There wasn't a lot of discussion around the Arnarson camp. Many players were just determining who the could actually trust...

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, the results of the challenge were posted and Valkyrie won. I was pleased with the result because that meant that neither Kamikaze_Flame nor Annfly would be holding the immunity necklace. Though I personally want Kamikaze_Flame out of this game, Walnut really wants Annfly to be voted out. She's an immunity threat.

Everything about this tribal council seems so quiet...too quiet. I'm worried that the tables will get turned over on my alliance. Plus, I have to put too much trust in people I don't trust one bit. I could very well leave this time and will not be surprised one bit as a result of that. If I do leave, I'll be disappointed, no doubt. I love Iceland, and I don't want to leave anytime soon."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "well here we go. going to tribal. i'm voting for ann and i hope everyone else is going to as well. I'm like 99.5 percent sure I'm going and if i go i'll go quietly. I was beat. ughh it's frusterating that i will probably go before inactives but i can see a good side if i do get voted off next. It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!"

Adam welcomed the tribe to the Tribal Council area. "First a few questions...

How has your game changed now that the opposing tribe is gone?"
Valkyrie started, "my game is pretty much the same. just try to survive"
Walnuts P added, "The most deserving people are still in the game. So, it becomes more difficult to vote someone out."
"It hasn't changed in the slightest." pointed out Snake.
"With 10 being most secure and 1 being most vulnerable, how do you feel with this vote?"
"5007" Tanner quickly answered.
A-Supreme felt the opposite, "I'm always really nervous about tribal council, so 1."
Walnuts P felt the same, "Considering the drama after the last Tribal Council and the rumors and conjecture, I would say I'm -28."
"Now for the voting. Valkyrie is immune. Meaning you can only vote for:
Tanner" Adam said.

The tribe each voted, and Adam collected the urn...
"I'll go read the votes. Once the votes are read the decision is final. You'll be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

First Vote...
snake (penalty)

Second Vote...
annfly (penalty)

Third Vote...

Fourth Vote...

Fifth Vote...

That's 3 votes annfly, 2 votes snake

Sixth vote...

Seventh vote...

The 9th person voted out and the second jury member....

The tribe has spoken. Head back to camp."

Next time on Lsquared...

Paranoia continues to run rampant as more and more players feel they could be next to go. Walnuts P begins to weigh which of his allies he'll be able to beat if he makes the finals. Kamikaze_Flame sees immunity as his only chance to continue in the game.
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Episode #9 - 'It'll make for a very hot jury house with me and cherry!'
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