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 Episode #14 - 'I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs'

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Episode #14 - 'I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #14 - 'I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs'   Episode #14 - 'I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:24 pm

Episode 3.14: 'I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs'

Last time on Lsquared...

The Axis of Awesomeness continued to be quite confident with their position. The only thing standing in their way was Celesticbliss winning immunity. At the challenge, it was a tight battle between A-Supreme and Valkyrie. Valkyrie pulled out another immunity win. The players began to focus on who they would take to Final 2 if they win final immunity. At Tribal Council, celesticbliss was indeed voted out and became the sixth member of the jury.

3 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

The remaining three were in celebratory mood when they reached camp...

Walnuts P shouted, "We did guys! We did it!!! All of the strategizing, all of the betraying, all of the lousy ZOMG's, alllll of the conflict, the controversy.

I'm proud of us. I just wished they gave a feast, dammit!

Eh...screw it....why complain?


"yeah, where IS our feast? and our wine? i feel like being a celebratory drunk." Valkyrie replied.
Walnuts P asked, "So you can take advantage of me? That's so not cool Mystic! I mean...."Valkyrie"."
"like i need to take advantage of you...i thought you couldn't rape the willing." said Valkyrie.
"Do you need to say that in front of A-Supreme?" Walnuts P asked.
A-Supreme jumped in, "I demand a feast... I haven't had anything good to eat since, what was it, early November? And I refuse to eat puffin stew or deep-fried bugs.

On a brighter note, our alliance - the one that has been here since Day One - has made it to the final three!!! Celebrate... good times... yeah!"
Valkyrie added, "he's a big boy....i'm sure he's aware of what goes on in the bushes behind camp."
Walnuts P responded, "Look! That happened ONE TIME!!! I had no idea it was a sheep!!! I was clinically insane at the time!!!! IT WAS THE BOOZE!!!!!"
"ok first walnuts was quoting miami sound machine, now you're quoting kool and the gang? i feel like i need to quote some music now....hmmmm.....let's about......

we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers 'cause we are the champions.....

too much?" Valkyrie added. "umm....i'm sure everyone thinks i'm your puppet, but in no way am i a sheep!"

The next morning, the tribe awoke to some Tree Mail.
"For most of the game, you've been looking to the future, deciding who to align with and who to vote out that will best serve you to win. Now it is a time to look back.

Thirteen fellow castaways have been voted off the island. Their torches create a path from the tribal beach to your final challenge area. Please take some time to remember those who have fallen."

Before they began their trek, the players revealed some thoughts...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "I was sorry to see Celestic go. She was a really great person. I said some things at Tribal Council I regret, I guess that what happens when you show up to Tribal Council drunk. I insulted the jury, I outed the Alliance....But what's done is done.

On the plus side though......

WE DID IT!!!! The Axis of Awesomeness is in the Final Three. This was such a long hard journey. Some twists left me vulnerable, there was complaining, some whining, some backstabbing and betrayals.

But it leads us here to the Final Three. I don't think I can beat A-Supreme or Valkyrie and they would be fools not to take me to the Final Two.

But the thing is, tonight we are knocking out one of our own.

Where's the Final Three feast? We get a tree mail but no campagne? No bacon and eggs? No liver and onions? Yuck, Liver and Onions. That's disgusting. What am I thinking? Am I that hungry? Why don't I just ask for beets and brussel sprouts or dog vomit? And asparagus! UGH! Well, asparagus isn't too bad, I guess. Maybe with a little garlic butter.

Hmm, I wonder how my 401K is holding up. I should have gone with the T-Bills. Hmm....

Well this has been clearly an awesome experience. I have to say, this has been a trek. It feels like yesterday when the Axis of Awesomeness formed and Valkyrie was telling me it was a lame name. I told her it was so lame it was awesome.

Tonight's challenge is VERY key for me. A-Supreme is likely going to take Valkyire and I'm stuck in a jury house with some of the biggest losers in this game....okay, just Cherry really.

But by now my name is so tainted, UGH....I would need to commit Hari-Kari if I end up there.

I honestly have to say, if I lose, I'm glad it was with such players like A-Supreme and Valkyrie.

Honestly, the person I have a shot of winning Valkyire. By now they know she's Mystic and Tanner has a grudge. I have no clue how the Jury will vote.

No matter how it goes, I regret nothing."

Valkyrie(via confessional) "Well, here we sit, The Axis of Awesomeness in the Final 3....tonight is the final immunity challenge, and to be quite honest, I've no idea what my chances are. Unfortunately, a tree fell on me at camp yesterday (freaking the other two out, and the medical team had to be brought in), and I'm very stiff and sore, and I don't think my head is really going to be in the challenge. I'll do my best to compete, but I think it will come down to A-Supreme and Walnuts.

Speaking of A-Supreme and Walnuts, I love them both! I could not have asked for two more loyal allies. Walnuts may have seemed like he was wavering during the course of the game, but I know that he never would have really betrayed us. As for A-Supreme, I'm sure he never even once thought about betraying either of us.

IF I'm able to win this final immunity, I would take Walnuts, for the simple reason that I MAY be able to beat him, but I know there's no way I will ever be able to beat A-Supreme. I'm sure no matter what happens, I won't win. Tanner promised me that he'd do his best to turn the rest of the jury against me, and Cherry and Kami already hate me. They hate Walnuts as well, but they probably hate me just that little bit extra.

It's really too bad, because now there may end up being a bitter taste in my mouth, when we should be celebrating that the Axis of Awesomeness made it to the end!"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, it's moments until the final individual immunity challenge of the season. It's pretty much a given that I have to win this one if I wish to stay in the game. Valkyrie and Walnuts would both take each other to the final two. I'm obviously going to put up a good fight to try to keep myself in this game. However, should I lose, it'll be fine with me. I had a great run, and I can't complain much about 3rd Place. I have a 1/3 chance of winning it. So, wish me luck!

I'm not too sure about my chances of winning this game, though. I know people don't want to see Walnuts and Valkyrie in the final two together, but that still doesn't mean I'll win the game should I make the final two. I had to make a few faux alliances along the way, and Cherry-Is-Annoying is still on the jury and may still be angry from my betraying her. I also had to vote out Annfly and Tanner, both of who voted to keep me in this game the first week. I know Kamikaze wants me to win over Walnuts or Valkyrie, and I don't know what Snake will think should I make the final two. And we'll be lucky if CelesticBliss even shows up.

I figure I have a much better shot of winning against Valkyrie in the final two than Walnuts because I think the jury may believe that Walnuts made a lot of the decisions. He had a good say in things, but it was actually all three of us who gave input. However, the jury may think that Walnuts was the leader and may vote for him to win. Valkyrie and I may both be seen as followers, and I think I may have a chance if I'm sitting against her in the final two. However, I really want to bring Walnuts to the final two because I want to thank him for all his help in saving me the first week. But I'm in a conflict between bringing the person I feel deserves to be sitting next to me and bringing the person I feel I can beat. It's sort of confusing.

If I do lose the final individual immunity challenge and go home, I had a great time and really enjoyed playing."

The tribe began their long journey to the final challenge area. As they walked, they came upon the fallen torches of those who had been voted out...

Ivy - "You are a complete mystery to me. Voting against you was necessary in order to keep myself in the game." A-Supreme

Let_It_Burn - "i voted for you, only because it was what the majority was doing. i didn't get a chance to talk to you at all, and for that i am sorry." Valkyrie

halo - "You were just collateral damage in this game. I knew that you were in good with Kamikaze and had voted against me previously. Getting rid of you meant limiting Kamikaze's power, which was my ultimate goal. On a personal level, though, you're a great guy who deserved to make it much farther in this game than you did." A-Supreme

b94-1 - "I finally lasted longer than him." Walnuts P

cokes - "Though you would randomly show up at times, you were far too inactive for me to ever really get to know you." A-Supreme

Dickey - "we did talk a few times, and i really enjoyed those conversations. i'm sorry you couldn't have made it further, but i guess that was the decision your tribe thought was for the best." Valkyrie

S_A - "You are always nice and bring a positive attitude to games. It was unfortunate that you had to leave the game due to some challenge at tribal council." A-Supreme

Cherry jello is annoying - "We've had our ups and downs in this game, that's for sure. I do feel that your leaving took a lot of fun and spirit out of the game. I'm sure you're the life of the party over at the Jury House now anyways." A-Supreme

Annfly - "probably one of the strongest immunity threats in the game. Always completely honest. I started out hating her but eventually grew to respect her." Walnuts P

Tanner - "I have to say, my talks of strategy with him were the highlights of my season. It’s rare to find a player who is on the same wavelength as me. I was sorry to see him go. His boot was all about opportunity." Walnuts P

Kamikaze_Flame - "you were like the cat with nine lives! i tried so long to get rid of you, and it was always someone else's time to go. i considered you a HUGE threat, and didn't want you sliding your way to the finals." Valkyrie

Snake - "You were semi-inactive in this game, and I really wish you hadn't been. I've played in previous games with you, and you were always a reliable ally. Sorry we couldn't work together in this game like we did in Borneo." A-Supreme

celesticbliss - "i really enjoyed all the chats we had! i genuinely like you as a person, and felt bad about having to vote you out, but i really had no other choice. i wish you the best of luck where ever your life takes you." Valkyrie

The players reached the challenge area to be surprised by the hosts...
"Enjoy your final meal together as a tribe. Tonight you will be competing in the final immunity challenge and one of you will be going home.

Enjoy this selection of cheeses, fruit and vegetables as appetizers. Your second course is nice, hot cream of chicken soup. The main course of this meal is puffi...nah, it is a choice of lobster, crab, shrimp, fish, a seafood lover's delight. For dessert, we offer your choice of fruit cobblers. Of course, all served with the finest wine iceland has to offer.

Just be sure that you don't stuff yourself or get yourself too drunk for tonight's challenge..."
"mmmmm.....that was yummy!!" Valkyrie said. "i think i'll need to go have a nap before the final challenge starts....but i think i'll be over there, where there are no trees....i'm a little gunshy, now."
"YAY!!! CHEEEEEEESES!!!!" exclaimed Walnuts P. "By the way, Valkyrie, are you sure it was a tree that hit you? I'm thinking Kamikaze escaped the Jury House and tried to run you over in the Kamimobile."
"i suppose it's possible, but since i woke up under a giant tree branch, i kind of thought it was obvious what happened." replied Valkyrie.

After the meal, Adam announced the final challenge. "Welcome to the Final Immunity Challenge of Lsquared: Iceland. This is obviously the most important challenge of the season. Whoever leaves tonight with the Immunity Necklace is guaranteed a spot in the final 2 and a 50/50 chance being named sole survivor.

For tonight's challenge, you will be competing in a race. I will start you all off with a clue. Attached to the clue will be a question. You have to PM me the answer to the question to receive your next clue. This will continue until you reach the finish line. The first person to the finish line will be immune for Tribal Council and decide who will be sitting next to them in the finals.

If you PM me the incorrect answer, you will be assessed a 5-minute penalty, and I will not accept a replacement answer for 5 minutes."

Valkyrie jumped out to a quick lead with the first couple clues. A-Supreme followed closely on her heels. Walnuts P had problems with the first two clues and received penalties on each. Valkyrie continued to stay one clue ahead of A-Supreme. Unfortunately, A-Supreme got stuck on clue 5, giving Valkyrie the advantage. Walnuts P made a strong push toward the end, and A-Supreme worked hard to make up the advantage...

"The first person to pass the finish line, winning immunity and guaranteeing them a spot to face the jury for Final Tribal Council....

"wow....that was hard!" announced Valkyrie.
A-Supreme added, "Congratulations, Valkyrie!"

The castaways returned to Arnarson for the final time as the Axis of Awesomeness. Clearly each player was in a different mindset...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "That Immunity Challenge sucked harder than the storyline of "Dude! Where's My Car?"

Hopefully, Valkyrie takes me to the Final Two. I don't feel the need to campaign, since I am the clearly obvious choice to sit next to in the finals. But to be perfectly honest, we'll see how the vote goes."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "The final individual immunity challenge has come and gone, and that challenge sucked so bad! The challenge was sort of a race, and we had to answer given clues. If we answered a given clue correct, then we received the next clue and so forth. If we answered a given clue incorrect, we got a 5-minute penalty. It was a difficult-as-hell challenge for me because some of the pages took forever to load on my dial-up computer. I kept working through it, though. Unfortunately, I came up just short as Valkyrie finished the race first and won the final individual immunity challenge.

So, Valkyrie has the choice to vote for either Walnuts or me to leave the game. I'm almost 99.9% sure I'm going to be the one she votes for to leave since her and Walnuts are in a close relationship. And, you know what, she earned the final individual immunity, and I'm going to respect whatever decision she chooses. I fought hard for immunity and lost fair and square to her, so what else can I do?

Crazy that this may be my final confessional. Can I somehow convince Valkyrie to vote to keep me for the final tribal council? Unlikely, but I'm going to try to save myself. I'm a fighter, and I won't give up until my torch is snuffed."

Valkyrie(via confessional) "OMG....I can't believe I won Final Immunity!!! That was a very challenging challenge, and I was sure that A-Supreme was ahead of me.

Now, I have a big decision ahead of me....I know I won't win against either of them....but I think I could actually stand a better chance of getting votes away from Walnuts than from A-Supreme. Walnuts has pissed the same people off that I did, and I don't think anyone hates A-Supreme. Plus, for obvious reasons, I feel more loyalty toward Walnuts. I REALLY like A-Supreme, and I don't want to disappoint him, but I think my decision is a no-brainer.

lol, Now that I've said that, I'm sure I'll lose no matter what....hell, I'll be lucky to get a single vote out of this game."

After a couple of private conversations, Walnuts P didn't feel so confident...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "It appears as though A-Supreme is doing some hardcore campaigning. A-Supreme is a proven winner, he has won repeatedly. I'm honestly concerned that when I told Karin/Mystic/Val about the multiple wins of A-Supreme's she was shocked.

I'm freaking worried now.....BUT.....

If Valkyrie takes's strategy vs. dominant challenge threat."

Adam brought the final 3 into the Tribal Council area. "Welcome to Tribal Council...Let's bring in the current 6 members of the jury. Tonight one of you will become the final member. Valkyrie, you won the final immunity challenge, and now have the ultimate decision-who will sit next to you at Final Tribal Council? Who will join you to face the jury and have them decide on the winner of Lsquared: Iceland?

First a few questions...

Walnuts - What would be the main reason Val should take you to the Finals?"
Walnuts P answered, "Honestly, A-Supreme is a proven winner. I have betrayed EVERYONE on the Jury at some point. I have done so much backstabbing this game, I think I lost feeling in my right arm. I have spilled so much "blood" in this game, I'd look like Sweeney Tood.

A-Supreme, while he was always at odds with Kami, really hasn't. A-Supreme is guaranteed to win, whereas, I've made many enemies.

But then, who can predict what would go through the Jury's mind?

Each person up here DESERVES to be in the Final Two. Each of us DESERVES to win the game for different reasons.

A-Supreme for popularity in comparison to Valkyrie and I. Valkyrie for her immunity dominance throughout the game. And, because I'm pretty much, awesome in general."
Adam turned to A-Supreme, "A-Sup - Same question..why should she take you to the finals?"
A-Supreme thought a moment before answering, "The main reason why Valkyrie should take me to the finals is that we stand an equal chance of winning the game. I know Walnuts P has stated prior that he has no chance of winning this game, but I disagree. He stands an amazing chance against either Valkyrie or me because members of the jury believe that Walnuts P was the leader of our successful alliance. Though Valkyrie, Walnuts P, and myself all gave strategic input for every decision we made, the jury perceives Walnuts P as being the leader and, thus, the decision maker. Survivor is a game about perception, and what the jury believes will be what determines the winner of this game. If Valkyrie wants to win this game and not be seen as a follower, she would vote out Walnuts P out and keep me since both Valkyrie and myself are seen as the followers of our successful, day one alliance."
Adam finished the questioning with Valkyrie, "How relieved are you to have the immunity necklace around your neck? And what will be the main factor for you in making your decision?"
Valkyrie responded, "well, on one hand, i'm very relieved, but on the other hand, i have a huge decision ahead of me.

i think i'll vote based on who i could possibly get votes against."
Adam announced, "Val, you will be the only one voting tonight. Remember the person you vote out will become the final member of the jury."

With that, Valkyrie walked up and made her vote.
Adam said, "I'll go tally the vote. Remember whoever is voted out tonight will leave the tribal council area immediately. But you'll return quickly as the final member of our jury.

First vote...
The 14th person voted out of Lsquared: Iceland, and the 7th juror...


A-Supreme, it is time for you to go.

Valkyrie, Walnuts head back to camp for one final night. Think about everything you have done this game, for tomorrow you will face the jury. Considering who is on this jury, it should be quite interesting. Get rested. Goodnight."

Stay tuned for the final Tribal Council in just a few minutes...

Walnuts P and Valkyrie returned to Arnarson for one final night. They had one last chance to celebrate...

Walnuts P started, "Valkyrie.....I take this last half a bottle of champagne to toast A-Supreme.

Dan the Man. He played hard and was completely loyal. I have to say, A-Supreme, he is a friend for life. The strongest Alliance I have EVER been a part of. Granted, I was considering knocking him out of the game, but A-Supreme, he was loyal. I will miss his puffin fetish while on the island. I guess what I'm saying is....

Valkyrie....everytime we see a puffin, we should think of Dan, er, A-Supreme. And no matter who should be dedicated to him."
Valkyrie agreed, "and for the record, you may have considered knocking him out, but i never did....i was as loyal to him as he was to me. but this was the hardest decision i've ever made, and i hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

i will miss our puffin loving friend!

a toast to a-supreme!"
Walnuts P added, "And now! A toast to the Final two!!!! Jattystic rises again!!!"

The next day, as they got ready for facing the final jury, they shared their final thoughts...

Valkyrie(via confessional) "Well, Walnuts and I sit here in the Final Two...and I must say, it feels pretty damn good! Although, like I posted in TC, I'm sure the Jury will vilify both of us. I don't think that either of us has won any points with any of them, but I guess only time will tell.

I also had to take Walnuts, because I wanted to force Kami and Cherry to have to vote for one of the 'DISGUSTING DUO', as they like to call's poetic justice in a way.

My only strategy now is to answer the Jury's questions as truthfully as I can, and hope that wins me some favour with them. But, I'll be perfectly honest, while I would love to win, losing to Walnuts wouldn't be so bad, either."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Allow me a moment to go over my experiences from the game.....

I think I betrayed or pissed off everyone on the jury. I wouldn't change that for anything. I hope some people realize this IS just a game.

I fully expect people to accuse Val and I of handicapping the game. It's their own damn fault. I waited for the right moment to come out as TheJattster. Val, it became apparent FAR too late in the game for anyone to do anything.

The Jury have themselves to blame. There's only maybe four people on the Jury who deserve to be here....Annfly, Tanner, A-Supreme, and to a microscopic extent Kamikaze.

I made some great moves and proved to myself that I can stand with the greats of this game. Cesteric, Hubert/FarnsworthFan, Boomcar, Mas_Bond, Dickey, and GhettoPollard.

After this game, unless an All Star season shows up, I am retired. From now on, I'll be infamous and that's fine by me."

The two walked side-by-side to the Tribal Council area. The hosts were waiting. Adan said, "First let us bring in our final two competitors, Valkyrie and Walnuts P.

Now, we'll welcome our seven-person jury...cherry, kami, A-Sup, celestic, tanner, annfly and snake. Jurors this will be your final opportunity to determine who you believe should be rewarded the title of Sole Survivor.

But before we get to your comments and/or questions, Valkyrie and Walnuts, you each get a chance to make an opening argument. This is your shot at telling this jury, who you have helped vote off, why they should vote for you tonight.

Whenever you're ready, make your opening statements."

Valkyrie opened, "First of all, I would like to thank all of you for helping me to get where I am. For whatever reason, you guys never perceived me as as threat, and therefore never once tried to actually vote either Walnuts or myself out.

On day one, I made a 3 person alliance with Walnuts and A-Supreme and the three of us made it to the end. I consider that fait accompli.

I did have a hand in voting each and everyone of you out. It was honestly nothing personal, but every decision I made was to help me get to where I'm sitting. In the Final Two. I have no regrets with how I've played this game, mainly because life is too short to have any.

I promise to answer any of your questions as truthfully and honestly as I can.

Thank you."

Walnuts P had his chance, "This is just a game. It's nothing personal, just business. In this game, I firmly believe that deceit and betrayal is not only expected, but rewarded.

Day One, A-Supreme, Valkyrie, and myself had a Final Three Alliance. Granted, there were moments when A-Supreme was considered a threat by me, I wanted him out. But ultimately, I stuck with the loyalty they showed to me.

I had a hand in knocking each and every one of you out. Hell, I orchestrated most of your boots. Most were for strategical purposes, one was purely personal.

The bottomline is, I exposed myself as TheJattster midgame and no one had the cajones to knock me out. It's not my fault I'm here, it's really yours. You allowed the "disgusting duo" to sit here.

I will not apologize on how I played this game. I might regret some of the moves I made, but ultimately, if it weren't for those moves, I wouldn't be here.

So now the choice is yours.....You have the GREATEST strategic mind EVER to play this game and the most dominant female in the game. I'm in the Final Two. Whether you like it or not, you better learn to love it because I'm the best thing going today!"

Adam directed the jurors, "Jurors we have heard the opening statements from both contestants. You know can post your comments/questions."

Cherry jello is annoying: "First off, congrats on f2. I love being right

Second, I wanted you out from the second you told me who you were, trust me. I just couldn't make it happen. Just because I couldn't pull that off doesn't mean I didn't attempt it. There's probably a reason I went early. I mean I don't know, maybe my boot was personal, but it was a good move on both of your parts.

Ok, question time.

Mystic. I knew you had to be playing this game, but I admit it took me awhile to figure out which one was you. At first I thought you were Celestic because it sounded like your kind of name, and she rubbed me the wrong way. Anyway, so I have two questions for you. One, how far along did you get in this game before people realised who you were? And two, what were your two best moves in this game? Please refrain from mentioning Jaster. I get it that you two were a team, and teams are great, blah blah. But you're both sitting here. Telling me things you did together gives me no reason to vote for you over him."

Valkyrie: "Well, I think that my identity became clear to everyone after you were voted out. Kami had approached me about Celestic being Mystic, and asked me to vote with you guys to get her out. I told him that if she was indeed Mystic, I would gladly vote for her. As you know, you were voted out that TC. Kami immediately PM'd me with 'haha nicely played mystic.' Even though I didn't come out and admit it to him, I knew that he knew who I was. Once that happened, I did tell Tanner, as we were working on an alliance with him, and I wanted him to feel like he could trust me. A-Supreme and Jatt knew from Day One. two best moves? I would say the first was probably securing A-Supreme as an ally. He has a good reputation in these games, and I thought that aligning with him would help get me further in the game. Of course, that almost backfired on me the first TC, when he was the intended target.

As for my other best move, probably agreeing to knock out Tanner when we did. Even though Tanner said he was loyal to Jatt and me, I know he wasn't loyal to A-Supreme, and he was trying to convince me to vote him out. Since I promised I wouldn't do that it became, to me, a case of it's either Tanner or A-Sup. That boot cemented the 3 way alliance of A-Supreme, Jatt and myself."

Cherry jello is annoying: "Jaster. ZOMG like, zomg, like, I'm, like, on, like, the zomg, like, jury. ZOMGOMGOMG isn't that like, hot? Like, didn't you like, promise, like, me, like, like, zomg like, that like, I wouldn't like, zomg like make it, on like, zomg like the jury like, like? ZOMG, I think you zomg like, want, like, me to like, zomg like, ask you like....


I want you to, zomg like, write 500 words about how hot I am. Zomg, here are the rules. No repeating the same word over and over. No repeating the same sentence over and over. You must use complete sentences. You may not just list adjectives. You may not use any made up words other than zomg.

Right now my vote is honestly up in the air."

Walnuts P: "I find that you have a great sense of humor if you think I'm going to feed your ego with 500 words. I'll just put you down as a "MAYBE"."

Tanner: "Good work Cherry.

I would just like to say you both played great games no matter what anyone else says. You are both sitting in the F2 for a reason. Whether it was a dominance in challenges, manipulation, or socializing that got you to where you are, you both made moves that propelled you further in the game. I was really pissed after I was booted but whatever, I'm over that.

I don't want half-ass answers just because you two know each other in real life, and I wouldn't expect it from you two. This is a game so try to win my vote, or answer my questions for the sake of everyone else if you have to. I want honest, long, detailed answers. And if you don't come close to any of those you are not getting my vote 100%.

Now my questions:
For both of you: Why does the person sitting beside you NOT deserve to win.

For Mystic/Val: Who was the leader within your alliance of 3 between you, asup, and jatt, and who was the leader (or acted the part more) between you and Jatt/walnuts P?"

Valkyrie: "Well, I think that Jatt made a lot more enemies on the jury than I did. I'm not saying that I didn't make any, but I didn't make alliances with each and every one of you just to turn around and backstab you later. Other than A-Supreme and Jatt, the only other person I actually had any sort of alliance with was you. He seems to take almost a childlike pleasure in lying, and I try very hard not to play that way. I don't like to make enemies, whereas he seems to relish it. Playing the villain will only get you so far. It tends to piss people off, and even though this is just a game, a lot of people do tend to take it personally, and bitterness ensues once people land on the jury.

Within the alliance of 3, I would say that in all honesty, A-Supreme and I shared an equal role, but Jatt THOUGHT he was the leader....most of the time, I think we were happy to go along with what he wanted, until Kami's boot, where both A-Supreme and I put our foot down, and told him we were voting Kami, and he'd better follow along. When it came to Jatt and me, he definitely acted the part more. I'll be honest, I'm not the most strategic player to play these games. I try to rely on social skills more than strategy, so I was content to let Jatt take the lead, strategy-wise. I do, however, think that my dominance in challenges certainly helped us to get to where we are. With one of us immune, it made having the vote go our way a lot easier than it would have if anyone else was wearing that immunity necklace."

Tanner: "For Jattster/Walnuts: What did you do to secure your position in the game, and what points were you most insecure in your position, why, and how did you (or someone else...) get yourself out of that position?"

Walnuts P: "Tanner, my strategic equal.....

Valkyrie/Mystic does NOT deserve to win is because she is a follower. She never stepped up and made the big moves I did. She went completely along with what I said, except for the Kami boot. She relied mainly on other people to keep her safe. She was successful, but she never had the target I had in the game.

What did I do to secure my position in the game? The simple answer is, anything I could. Long answer:

First, during the very first Tribal Council of the game when my alliance with Valkyire and A-Supreme was threatened. Valkyrie was on Exile Island. I scrambled and convinced EVERYONE I could to vote out Ivy to keep A-Supreme safe. The result was....A-Supreme was safe. That was the first move that resulted in a win for me.

Second, I was the one who stepped and convinced A-Supreme and Valkyrie that it was NOT too early to knock out Halo after I won immunity and sent him to Exile. Knocking out a strong competitor like him that early, making that big of a move, risky but it worked out.

The Reward Challenge twist where Survivor_Awards and myself chose for each other's teams without knowing it was the first and ONLY time I felt vulnerable. I completely felt on the outside especially after bashing my tribemates. During that period, I revealed who I was. Needless to say, that vote was between Snake and Dickey. I ended up being COMPLETELY safe, BUT I had made a Final Three deal with Kami and Snake.

Now, the alliances I had made beforehand came into play when everyone but Cherry jumped to my tribe instead of Survivor_Awards. This ultimately led to the Cherry hate and the Survivor_Awards elimination from the game. Somehow, I seemed a more viable option for some Snake and Kami.

Then, the merge happened, Tanner and that's when you and I REALLY bonded. I wanted Cherry out and you approached me first. Oddly enough, I wanted to approach you. At that point, we were equals. It wasn't tough to decide that Cherry needed to go. Brilliant that Kami was left in the dark, by the way. It was at that point I approached Celestic, who I found to be a really great person. A child and military husband. We bonded and decided we CANNOT go before Cherry, so I secured her vote.

After that Tanner, as you know, we felt Annfly was an immunity threat so she had to go. Besides, none of us could beat her in the finals. We needed your vote.

Then I got Survivor strategy A.D.D.! I was thinking and overthinking. You mentioned something about telling Kami all was going according to plan and that freaked me out. Knocking you out there seemed like a valid decision at the time. But the key was to get a I used Kami's desperation to vote you out. It was then, when A-Supreme won immunity, I KNEW I had to stick with my original alliance.

After that, everyone hated Kami except Snake, so he was easy to dispose of. Then Snake. Then I had to knock out Celestic. And by being manipulative and taking the major hits for the Axis of Awesomeness, I was clearly a better choice to take into the finals.

I can't claim I would be here if A-Supreme won, but I can say, strategically, I played the strongest.

I hope you're satisfied."

Kamikaze_Flame: "No matter what I've said you two made it farther than the rest of that so you deserve congratulations.

Also rude answers will get you nowhere. You might think you don't need my vote but you'd be dead wrong. So answer with respect or you don't get my vote.

TO BOTH OF YOU, were there any times you lied to one another, didn't tell the whole truth, or wanted to backstab the other one?

Jatt, first off who's boot was personal and secondly I want to say it's very easy to call yourself the best player to ever play the game when you got two tries at immunity every time, two votes at tribal, and twice as much info than everyone else. I totally oppose you two playing together because it's basically SPing, especially in lsquared where you can have fake names. by the time we had figured u out you two already had the numbers! Mystic already admitted that she would never vote for you and you would never vote for her so don't you think it's unfair that you guys had an advantage over ALL the rest of us? And I don't want any half-ass answer about "Well we had double the target on our backs too so i rock. go me"

Also, Jatt answer me truthfully. Did you ever want to go to the finals with me? I know I never wanted to go there with you and I suspected the same thing from you but i want to know the answer. Also, what was MYSTIC's best move in the game.

Oh and also I'd just like you to admit that I ochestrated the Dickey boot as it was really my biggest claim to fame in this game."

Walnuts P: "One thing before answering you question……

I had THREE people vying for immunity in the Axis of Awesomeness. Valkyrie, A-Supreme, and Myself.

The Cherry boot was personal. I honestly didn’t and I still don’t think she deserved Jury after that one challenge where she whined and complained. I’m not being rude, I’m just dishing out some real truth flavor.

Next, I fully admit that you were the one who finally orchestrated the Dickey vote, but as I recall, I did mention we should get rid of Cherry to prevent the Survivor_Awards, Dickey, Cherry Alliance. I can only take credit of thinking of it first, but yes, you were the brains behind Dickey’s boot. And by the time I came out and admitted I was TheJattster, Dickey was still around. Valkyrie had the numbers when she was exposed, I did not. I exposed myself during my meltdown in the game.

I don‘t think it was necessarily unfair. After all, we ALL know each other in this game. We all know that Annfly is honest as can be. We all know how Tanner and you play. We all know that Valkyrie, A-Supreme, and I aren’t the first people who made Day One Alliances. Besides, A-Supreme, Valkyrie, and myself were friends before the game started.

I said I wouldn’t vote Val/Mystic, but not VOTING against someone doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t be opposed to them leaving as long as it was without my knowledge. This is a game, after all. I misled her, true. BUT…..I came completely clean after Tanner left, so yes, I misled her. I plotted against her. But guess what? It doesn’t matter since we’re here now. I think I proved my loyalty to her and A-Supreme.

Next part, yes, I did want to sit with you in the Finals. I also wanted to sit with Valkyire, A-Supreme, and Tanner in the Finals as well. It comes down to who do you think you can beat and the circumstances surrounding the boot at that time. It’s opportunity. Had you won immunity at Final 7 AND nullified a vote, like A-Supreme had, it could have been a different game. But I think I’d still be the Final Three at that point.

Valkyrie/Mystic’s best move in the game was aligning with A-Supreme and myself. The one time A-Supreme and her stepped up was when you were booted. I was pulling for Snake, I recall. But at that point, I had already decided to stick with them after Tanner was gone, so I went with them in voting you out."

Kamikaze_Flame: "Mystic, you were dominant at challenges and dominant in my opinion of the social game. You were the glue that kept your alliance intact and I commend you for actually sticking to your word and bringing A-Supreme to the final three when you would have had a much better shot against Celestic. I want to ask what was your position with Celestic this whole game? Were you allies? Did she do whatever you told her to do?

Also, what have you done in this game BESIDES winning challenges. This is the most important question of them all. I commend you for your challenge skills for which your BF obviously has very little but you kept up the slack in your team and took control of that portion of the game. How did you beat Jatt in the social game exactly?"

Valkyrie: "Celestic and I did chat, but there were never any promises between us. She did let us know that she was going out of town, and said if we needed to get rid of her at any point in time, she would understand, but as long as we kept her around, she was willing to vote with us. Since she did help us on the Cherry boot, as well as (I believe) the Tanner boot and your boot, we were more than happy to keep her around a little bit longer than she otherwise would have been, due to her inactivity.

You're right, I was more dominant at challenges than Jatt...but it could have had to do with circumstances. I mean, there were many nights that he wasn't here to compete, and I was the only one out of the two of us trying. However, I did try my best not to outright lie to anyone. I didn't promise alliances to anyone and then turn around and backstab them later (with the exception of Tanner). In order to play a social game, you have to do whatever's necessary to not piss anyone off, which I feel I was able to do. I will admit, the social aspect was a little more difficult for me this game, since in the beginning no one knew who I was, they just thought I was some newbie, and no one really spoke to me. I talked to people, I built up trust among some of you, and isn't that really what playing a social game is all about?

Let me clarify...I'm sure I did piss a lot of you off, but not because I promised any of you F2 or 3 just to turn around and vote you out. If you're pissed off at me, it's probably because of who I am, my relationship with Jatt, and the fact that you probably felt blindsided when the truth came out.

As for your last question, in all honesty, I never ONCE considered betraying either Jatt or A-Supreme. I made a promise to them both, and I intended to do everything in my power to keep that."

A-Supreme: "Hey guys. Before asking you two my questions, I want to congratulate you for a game well played. We spent many hours strategizing and stressing out about this game. But, in the end, I'm glad that it all worked out and that it was our alliance that managed to make it to the final three as we planned. Good work.

With that out of the way, it's time for questions. What I'm going to do is first state something that really impressed me about your individual gameplay. Then, I'll follow-up with a question concerning something that really baffled me about your individual gameplay. Though I'm basically 95% sure how I'm going to vote, I want both of you to answer my questions extensively but clearly because my vote can be swayed if someone does a much better job of clearing up my confusion.

Since "V" comes first in the alphabet, I'll start with Valkyrie first. I must say that I was highly impressed by your strategy in this game. You worked very carefully to not step on any toes and only backstabbed when it was good for you strategically. You are also very good at both the social and competitive aspects of this game. When I formed my alliance with you and Walnuts P, I did feel that you were a much bigger risk to ally up with because of your chameleon-like nature. For example, you lulled your rivals (like Tanner) into a false sense of security only to betray them shortly after. I just feel that you're a better all-around player because of your strong social game and ass-kicking challenge skills.

However, Valkyrie, I got the sense that you really lost your backbone toward the end of the game. When you were faced with the decision of voting either me of Walnuts P out of the game, you claimed you were going to vote based on who you think you could receive votes against. However, moments before you cast your vote, you told me that you didn't think you could beat either Walnuts or me in the final two and quickly resolved to vote me out. I don't at all fault you for voting me out because, seriously, did I honestly expect you to take me to the final two? Not at all. However, what I want to know is this. Did you vote me out because you truly thought you could truly beat Walnuts P in the final two (based on your statement that you were voting to keep the person you thought you could gets votes against)? Or was your decision based on your assumption that you didn't think you'd win against either of us; so, when you were faced with the decision, you just wanted to give Walnuts P the win? Please explain."

Valkyrie: "Ok, let me clarify for you. I honestly thought at the time of the final vote that I didn't stand a hope in hell of winning against either of you. Jatt because he did play more of a strategic game and I was worried that people would just see me as his puppet, and you because you didn't piss anyone on the jury off (to my knowledge, anyway). I saw you as just too likeable, and Jatt as just too strategic. I ultimately decided to take Jatt, because I thought I stood a better chance at wresting some votes away from him. I thought that the jury may be bitter, and I could hopefully use that to my advantage. I mean, let's face it, he made promises to all sorts of people, promises that he didn't keep. I thought that maybe that could count in my favour."

A-Supreme: "Now, it's Walnuts P's turn. I was very much impressed with a few of your moves throughout the course of this season. In fact, I would go so far as to call them "Johnny Fairplay" moves. For example, CelesticBliss became inactive around the Final 7 and we no longer had our four-person voting bloc solidified against Kamikaze_Flame as a result. Yet, through some very good manipulating, you were able to convince Kamikaze_Flame to vote against Tanner. That, my friend, was some seriously good scheming. Also, to this day, I still really appreciate all your help that first tribal council when I was being targeted go home. We seriously had to do hours of convincing to get just a few people to vote against Ivy and keep me in the game. I really appreciated your loyalty to me throughout the course of this game.

However, though you did remain loyal to me, you said something during the course of this game that made me really question you as an ally. You said that you saw me as a really big threat, which is normally not a very good thing to say to someone if you want to keep them as an ally. Luckily, I played this game more as a friend and not so much as a competitor. However, from that comment on, I really didn't trust you that much and it wasn't until Snake was voted out where I began to trust you again. I guess that comment just planted a seed of distrust in my mind because it made me question whether or not you would backstab me. It also didn't help matters that I knew you were allied with both Tanner and Kamikaze_Flame. So, my question is this. Had I not won those two immunity challenges (the Final 7 one and the Final 6 one), would both Tanner and Kamikaze_Flame still have been voted out? Also, was there any point in the game that you planned to betray me but wasn't able to? Or did you remain 100% loyal to me in this game with no wavering whatsoever? Feel free to answer honestly."

Walnuts P: "A-Supreme, I would like to preface my answer by stating that you and Valkrie/Mystic were my day one allies and I have to say, you played one hell of a game.

To answer your question, yes, I had intentions of betraying you. I kept going back and forth with it. Here's what I was considering: you are an immunity threat, you are a proven winner, and I was figuring if I took one of the two people outside our alliance, you would be a guaranteed vote, especially after helping you stay during the first Tribal Council.

From Day One until the Tribal Swap, I was loyal to you 100%. After Dickey was booted, I had to consider my options. If I had to vote you out, I would have.

When you won the Final 6 immunity, that's what had me committed to our alliance. At that point, I figured I should go with the original alliance since I knew you would be loyal to me 100%. Kami and Tanner were wild cards, they have reputations of deceit, like myself. As I recall, during our strategy talk during that vote, I remember telling you that you would have been on the chopping block. I, ultimately, DID come clean with you on it.

That being said....this is a game. As a strategist, I have to consider all options before deciding my best move in an effort to get myself to the end. The way I see it, you make friends playing this game. But the ultimate goal is to be sitting in the Final Two. If you have to betray people who you consider friends, so be it. Ask Annfly. Integrity and honesty gets you only so far. It's nothing personal, it's just business.

I hope that answers your question."

annfly: "I know this will be lame, pick a number between 1 and 10."

Walnuts P: "I choose 6."

Valkyrie: "I pick 4"

celesticbliss: "Well, I already know who I'm voting for. But what the hell. here are you questions.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck is a wood chuck could chuck wood?

And yes. Thats my real question."

Walnuts P: "Celestic, the amount of wood that a woodchuck chucks is a very difficult question to answer as the amount of wood that woodchuck chucks varies depending on the day.

It's like asking how many times a person eats pasta in a lifetime or how wmany times I can lie to someone in a season of "Survivor". It's varying.

I hope my answer is satisfactory."

Valkyrie: "Well, since you didn't ask for a time frame point of reference, I'll imagine what it would be for one year.....

454 pounds."

Snake: "Well, who would have thought that you two, just like All-Stars III managed to get to the finals together again. I must say that this is quite an accomplishment, but what's unfair about that is that you both have two votes amongst yourselves and you both can 100% trust each other while everyone else have to make alliances which they don't know if they can trust or not. With you two working as a pair it is an advantage and I don't really think it's fair on the others. But just like All-Stars I'm sitting on the jury and I have to choose between the both of you...again. As you both may know I like to vote for the person who was a better tactician and played a better strategical game. So what I want you to do is summarize your whole game for me listing any lies you made and any strategical moves that you made. The one with the better answer gets my vote.

Also, what is the capital city of Australia?"

Walnuts P: "My strategical moves....

1) Helping to save A-Supreme week one. A-Supreme leaving first would have COMPLETELY changed the complexion of the game. The hours we spent scrambling is among the reasons I am here now.

2) Winning Immunity sending Kamikaze to Exile Island while I orchestrated Halo's eviction (who could not compete in Immunity since A-Supreme sent him to Exile the challenge before) from the game, knocking out what was likely his biggest ally. Which, by the way, was the first BIG move in the game.

3) Voting out the inactives with the rest of the tribe at the beginning of the game....Ivy and B-94.

4) Voting out Dickey over you. I remember telling Kami about the Dickey, S_A, Cherry Alliance, I might have planted the seed in his head prior to his finally deciding to knock out Dickey. This allowed Kami to think he was in control.

5) Making the deal with Celestic to last longer than Cherry. She could have been the swing vote at Final 9. I had Tanner, Valkyrie, A-Supreme, and myself, we needed a Fifth. I felt Celestic was viable option. Besides, she deserved to last longer than Cherry. ESPECIALLY after she admitted to all she wanted to go.

6) Aligning with Tanner. It's hard to find someone so on point with you in terms of strategy. Tanner and I were the leaders up until I instigated him leaving the game.

7) Convincing Kami to vote out Tanner. Granted, I'm sure I preyed on Kami's desperation, but Tanner was a wild card and while I REALLY wanted Tanner to stick around, there was really only room for one strategist. Besides, it was at that point I stuck with A-Supreme.

Cool The Axis of Awesomeness. Valkyrie, A-Supreme, and I aligning Day One. That was the catalyst for EVERYONE jumping ship at the second Tribal Swap.

9) Voting you over Celestic. The plan was to knock Celestic out since you were more inactive than she. I was the one who recommended you going after said you'd be more active in the game.

Those were my major moves. The bottomline, aside from the Kamikaze boot, A-Supreme and Valkyrie followed my lead in every Tribal Council. Ultimately, Val and A-Supreme were powerless. Even after the Kami boot, I could have still changed the game if I had made a compelling argument to you and Celestic.

Finally, I could be wrong, but I think the capital of Australia is Canberra."

Valkyrie: "Well, Snake, I'll be honest with you. Since no one really spoke to me in the beginning, I really had no reason to lie. Other than the obvious one, of course....and that was my real identity. Even after Kami figured it out, I still didn't come clean about it to the general population, only admitting it to Tanner, to try and gain some favour with him. Make him feel that he was more in the loop than he probably was. I only finally admitted it to everyone after Tanner's boot, when he outed me. By then it was definitely too late for any of you to do anything about it. Other than that major lie, I guess it would be considered a lie when Tanner got voted out. Even though I didn't specifically promise him anything, I did feel guilty about voting him out, but keeping him went against my core alliance that I'd made on Day One.

My other main strategy in this game was to stick to my core alliance of A-Supreme, Jatt and myself. I won key immunities when I had to, to either help save one of us, or to orchestrate specific boots (if one of us were holding immunity it meant someone else wasn't, and we were able to eliminate them). I also encouraged Jatt to play his type of game, so he could ultimately take the fall for any backstabbing that had to be done.

And the capital of Australia is Canberra."

Adam: "Some excellent questions from the jury. Val, Walnuts, I think you did a fine job in answering as well. I think you have each made all the points you can make, jury it is now time for you to make your decision. You now get to decide who wins Lsquared: Iceland. When you vote, write down who you think should be the winner."

Each of the 7 jury members walked up to place their vote. Many had a tough decision to make, while a few knew exactly who they wanted to win...

Adam announced, "ok, all seven votes have been cast. I'm going to collect the urn..."

And with that the hosts collected the urn and took off on a helicopter. The live finale will take place at the top of the hour.
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