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 Episode #11 - 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?'

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Episode #11 - 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #11 - 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?'   Episode #11 - 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:21 pm

Episode 3.11: 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?'

Last time on Lsquared...

As the castaways see the finals as a possibility, strategies become tougher. Walnuts P is torn between his two strong alliances. A-Supreme realizes that Walnuts P migh betray him and feels winning immunity might be his only chance to stay on the island. Kamikaze_Flame continues to believe he will be the next to go, if he doesn't win immunity.

At the challenge, Kamikaze_Flame finished first, but missed a key instruction in the rules. As a result, A-Supreme was able to win the much-needed immunity necklace. Back at camp, A-Supreme and Valkyrie continued to push for Kamikaze_Flame to get voted out. But Walnuts P felt he might have a better chance of winning the game if he stayed loyal to Tanner, Snake and Kamikaze_Flame. In the end, he felt this was the chance to eliminate a major rival, and Tanner was voted out.

6 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

The tribe made their way back to the Arnarson beach. The strategy of taking out Tanner became apparent...

Valkyrie(via confessional) "I KNOW he'll see what I did as payback for Amazon, and in all honesty, it wasn't. Although with my karma's a bitch comment, he'll never believe that. It's just that he thought that he had a F2 deal with Walnuts, and the one thing he should learn is that Jatt will NEVER turn on me. I am one person he will always be loyal to, and he is one person I will always be loyal to. I'm also loyal to A-Supreme, but unfortunately, if I win F3 immunity, I will take Walnuts with me to the end over A-Sup. It will be hard, but in all honesty, it's a no-brainer. Partly for the simple fact that I could MAYBE beat Walnuts, but there is no way in hell I would ever be able to beat A-Supreme.

In any case, back to the topic at hand....that's one of the reasons that Tanner had to go. He also really confused Walnuts with his 'my vote will match yours PM'. He went on to say something about penalty votes, which made Walnuts paranoid, and he thought we should vote Tanner out. I would have been perfectly happy with voting out Kami instead (as would A-Sup), but Walnuts managed to work some magic and actually got Kami to vote with us against Tanner, who we KNOW he had an alliance with! THAT was pure genius. As always, I pushed for Kami, but Walnuts won out this time, yet again. I just can't believe that Kami keeps managing to avoid impending doom. Hell, he's like a bloody cat, with nine lives! I just really want him gone."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "OH...MY....GAWD!!!


I am totally in disbelief that Kamikaze ACTUALLY believed me!!!

Methinks desperation makes people do stupid things. Soon, very soon, Kamikaze will realize that he is being carried in this game.

By breaking up the possible alliance between Kamikaze, Tanner, and Snake I have ensured myself a guaranteed spot in the Final Three. All that's left for me to decide is which alliance I am going to go all the way with: Kamikaze and Snake or Valkyrie and A-Supreme."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "Here I am sitting in the final six... and I am honestly shocked that I am still here. Tanner was voted out last time, and he was the main proponent on getting me ousted last time. So, I do feel much more comfortable in this game now that he's out of the game. My arch-rival, Kamikaze_Flame, though, is still in the game. With there being only six players left in the game and my alliance consisting of three players, we're thisclose to having solid control of this game."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Basically, I voted tanner off last time because he was going and i didn't want to go against the crowd. I made the dumbest mistake ever when I messed up the challenge, sending tanner home instead of A-sup. Walnuts talked to me more and he wants to go to the finals with me. I don't trust him but i kind of have to. I know he wants to go to the end with mystic but who cares."

The next morning, A-Supreme spotted another of his friends...
"ANOTHER PUFFIN!!!!" he screamed. "Look over there! Just seening this puffin makes me miss Annfly."
Walnuts P asked, "Can we eat it?"
A-Supreme quickly answered, "No!!! You aren't allowed to even TOUCH the puffins, Mister Walnuts!!!!
[Then A-Supreme reflects back to Survivor 2 when Kimmi was too emotionally attached to the chickens...]
Upon further reflection, you can eat it. Just let me leave the camp so I don't have to watch."
Walnuts P added, "Mmmmm-MMMM!!!! That's good puffin!!!!

By the way, has anyone seen how moldy that rice is??? Has ANYONE even TOUCHED the rice since we booted Annfly?"

Celesticbliss read Tree Mail to the rest of the tribe that told them to go straight to the challenge area.

Ozzy greeted the tribe, "Welcome to tonight's challenge everyone! To win immunity you will literally have to buy it from me. Each of you have 500 US Dollars to work with right now because we are doing an auction. The prizes have been preselected, however we will keep them secret until after everything has been purchased so you'll have to try and get lucky and buy immunity by luck. Once the auction closes your money becomes worthless so I wouldn't recommend you hold on to it, but keep in mind we will NOT give you warning before the last item.

With that, let's begin. The minimum starting bid is 50 dollars and you must raise it by a minimum of 25 dollars each time. You ARE ALLOWED to give money to someone but you, yourself, must post on here saying that's what you're doing..
The First Item is now up for Bid, once 3 minutes passes from the most recent bid without any new bids the item will be "sold""

A-Supreme opened the bidding. "I guess I'll start it off with $50."

A few minutes pass and nobody else bids. The second item is placed up for bids, and again A-Supreme is the only person to bid. This continues as nobody else bids on any item. At item number 9, A-Sup is down to $100, having purchased the first 8 items at $50.
"I only have $100 left... I think I'll pass this one. I really hope that's not immunity." A-Supreme announced as it was up for bid.
The 10th item was bought by A-Supreme.
"And with that the auction is now closed..." Ozzy announced, "Before we get to revealing whats inside each, you have the choice now to give any member of your tribe any one of the nine boxes you now possess. Please state whether or not you wish to do so."
After a minute, A-Supreme answered, "Dang... this is a tough spot to be in. I would give some away, but I came here with the goal of winning immunity. So, to be on the safe side, I think I'm going to keep them all."
"Alright then." Ozzy announced, "here they are:

1 - Drinking Water
2 - A new Lsquared: Iceland buff!
3 - Immunity
4 - A Postcard from the North Pole
5 - Lsquared: Loyalty Islands - The Complete Series DVD Set
6 - A Hamburger and Fries
7 - Penalty vote at the next Tribal Council
8 - Nullify a vote at hte next Tribal Council
9 - Empty Box
10 - A Joke "Why is Six afraid of Seven? Cause 7 8 9!!!"

So besides teh Empty Box, A you have won all the boxes. Which means you WILL recieve a penalty vote at the next Tribal Council even though you can vote still but no one else can vote for you so you got lucky..."

A-Supreme was very excited to return to camp with immunity again. He was ready to celebrate and felt he would do anything...

"Okay, I just have a random question. Do you think if I go swimming right now, I'll freeze? I'm just wondering because I really need to bathe... I stink!" A-Supreme asked.
"You might freeze, but you won't stink up the camp." Walnuts P said. "I'm jumping into the freezing water....POLAR BEAR CLUB STYLE!!!"

After the swim, the strategizing continued...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "A-Supreme won immunity which means that I am now in even more a precarious decision. I really want Celestic gone, but the Axis of Awesomeness wants Kami yesterday!!!!

According to A-Supreme, the cure for cancer is the Axis of Awesomeness, hence Tanner's demise from the game. If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio? I find him desperate and harmless, BUT my allies don't feel the same way.

If I am to win, Kamikaze MUST stay in the game. BUT....A-Supreme will likely nullify his vote. This twist has the potential to cost me a win.

With any luck, Celestic won't show up and she'll be gone."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "The challenge ended up being an auction! And, guess what? I was the only person in attendance. It was a little bittersweet. On one hand, I had a much greater chance of winning immunity if it was me alone bidding on all the items. But on the other hand, it was a lonely, very silent auction.

With no one attending the auction, I began bidding on all the items. I figured, why not? I wanted to win immunity, so the only real way to ensure that I won was by taking all the items. However, as the game progressed, I became increasingly worried that I would run out of money. So, I passed up on the 9th item, which was hard because there was a possibility that that item was immunity. The auction stopped after ten items, and I had nine of the ten possible items.

So, I ended up with immunity after all! The item I did pass up ended up being an empty box! Go figure. More importantly, though, was that I got immunity and the only item that ended up burning me (the penalty vote at the next tribal council) didn't matter because I was wearing the immunity necklace. So, the auction immunity challenge was successful for me. I just had to decide what to do about my power to nullify a vote at tribal council. Should I use it to nullify a vote at this upcoming tribal council or should I wait to use it later?"

The tribe made their way to the Tribal Council area. Ozzy greeted the players "Welcome to Tribal Council, it is time to welcome in our jury, cherry, annfly, and Tanner voted out at hte last tribal council. Please take this time to reflect on the game, how you've played it, what will influence your vote and air out any dirty laundry."
Walnuts P quickly turned to the jury, "I am playing this game as competitively as I can, and I have just one thing to say to the losers on the Jury:

I'm a little teapot, short and stout....
Here is my handle and here is my spout!

Oooooooooo!!!! That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO entertaining!!!

Here's the bottomline Jury Jagoffs, I am completely responsible for each of your boots!!!! Why?

Because that's how I roll!!!!"
Ozzy said, "A-Supreme please post here which vote you which to have nullified if you choose to use that prize this time, otherwise you have it until the end of the Final Four Tribal Council"
"I guess I'm going to use it to nullify Kamikaze's vote." A-Supreme replied.
Kamikaze_Flame quickly jumped in, "Well I know i'm going so i'll give my last post now!

I have advice for one person. A, you're a great player, definitely the strongest this season. Be careful of the people you're voting with. If you didn't have this power to nullify and immunity, you would be the one going home tonight. your only hope of survival is to win immunity. It's gonna be a hard road for you dude but if you make it, congratulations. If not, see you at the jury house!

Great game everyone! and hey, if i go now i'll get the same place as last year!"

With that, the other 5 players placed their votes.
"Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will become the fourth member of our jury and will be asked to leave the tribal councal area immediately... I'll read the votes

First Vote
Snake (penalty)

Second Vote..

Third Vote...

Fourth Vote..

Thats three votes which is enough sicne Kami's vote has been nullified. So Kami, you need to bring me your torch"

Next time on Lsquared....

Can Walnuts P, A-Supreme and Valkyrie stay in control? A couple players reveal quite unique strategies. And Walnuts P begins writing poetry.
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Episode #11 - 'If Tanner is a cancer, then is Kamikaze polio?'
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