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 Episode #10 - "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar"

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Episode #10 - "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar" Empty
PostSubject: Episode #10 - "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar"   Episode #10 - "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar" Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:19 pm

Episode 3.10: "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar"

Last time on Lsquared...

Kamikaze_Flame, feeling betrayed by his closest remaining allies, tries whatever is necessary to continue in the game. Tanner stepped up and became a major strategy ally to Walnuts P. Kamikaze_Flame later realized his mistake about celesticbliss and quickly apologized.

At the immunity challenge, Valkyrie continued her dominance by winning the necklace once again. The alliance was torn over whether to take out a possible immunity threat, annfly, or the player with no remaining allies, Kamikaze_Flame. In the end, Walnuts P was able to convince the others to take out Annfly.

7 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Arnarson Tribe
Annfly.. celesticbliss.. A-Supreme.. cherry jello is annoying.. Tanner.. Walnuts.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Valkyrie.. Snake

The tribe was excited as they returned to camp...

Tanner exclaimed, "Congrats on F7 you guys!
Walnuts P"
"Congrats!" added A-Supreme.

Valkyrie(via confessional) "we booted Annfly. Everyone saw her as this huge immunity threat, and were worried that if she made it too far, she would immunize herself to the F2. Since that kind of works against our plans of having a F3 of A-Sup, Walnuts and myself, I was more than happy to comply. I don't even know if she realized that she'd been voted out until much later."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "I am really feeling bad about voting Annfly out. She was the one person, next to Valkyrie, who would be completely honest with me. BUT....on the flip side, Celestic has pledged loyalty towards Valkyrie to knock out Kamikaze. Doing so would make Tanner a foul person to be around. It's time to consider what move is the best for me......."

A-Supreme(via confessional) "Annfly was indeed voted out, which was bittersweet because she and I always talked about puffins and stuff. Also, I have a feeling she'll hold it against me should I make the final two. With my betraying Cherry-Is-Annoying and Annfly, I have the potential to have two enemies on the jury... not good."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "It was a Christmas MIRACLE!

I am still on this freakin island! WOOHOO! I'm so thankful that tanner could kind of convince everyone to vote out ann. I mean it worked out PERFECTLY! It bought us more time, got us another shot at immunity, AND made it so we might be able to persuade another person! yay!"

The next morning, Tree Mail was waiting for the tribe...
"The holidays are come and gone
And now the game will move on
My computer is fixed and that is great
The challenge is soon, don't be late

Some things you hear over and again
But how well do you really listen
One will be safe, you'll shout with glee
One will become juror number three."
"Cool Razz" A-Supreme said.
Valkyrie added, "i'm here and ready for the sounds kind of scary."

With the players dwindling, the players began to take a serious look at who they could align with and who they could trust for the time being. Many players began to feel more paranoid, while others continued to feel comfortable with their spot...

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Lazy days, lazy days. There's nothing going on around camp. I'm sitting here concerned. Concerned about about my position in the game. There's three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar.

There's myself, Tanner, Kamikaze, and Snake. Kami thinks he's playing Tanner, Tanner thinks he's playing Kami. Maybe they both think they're playing me. Who knows what's going on at this point? There's seven left.

Tanner already instituted a plan of tossing me a vote at an upcoming Tribal Council stating it's a throwaway vote. There's no such thing as a throwaway vote. It makes me think there's a possible move against me. The paranoia is beginning to build.

Maybe....just MAYBE....I can turn the tide?"

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "You know how these suckers have been trying to get me out for like ever and I've always managed to stay in? Well I'm doing it again.

The alliance is breaking! Let me repeat: THE ALLIANCE IS BREAKING!

Jatt/Mystic are getting greedy. They are scared of A-supreme. They're trying to take him out. I got this information from tanner and it was confirmed to me by walnuts. Not saying I 100% believe them, just saying it's a great possibility I won't be going home next. Jatt thinks I will stay with him and vote off snake and tanner which is complete BS. I know if i did that I'd get fourth place and i made sure tanner realized this too because i don't want him switching if we get to final six.

You have no IDEA how nervous I am about today's challenge. If A-supreme wins this challenge I am VERY likely to go home, and if it's not me then it will probably be snake. So this challenge is the turning point of the game. If A-sup wins, me or snake goes home and game over for us. If he loses and someone else wins, we vote him out and we have a chance to win! So I'm PRAYING he doesn't win and I'm gonna try my hardest to make sure he doesn't!"

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, here's what I know about alliances. Me, Walnuts, and Valkyrie plan to be the final three. Tanner is allied with Kamikaze, who has Snake in his back pocket. That leaves us with CelesticBliss. I finally had the opportunity to speak to CelesticBliss... she seems like a nice lady. I felt bad about not talking to her at all, and we were able to speak briefly. Our conversation wasn't really centered about this game at all (though she did mention her alliance with Walnuts). Apparently, Kamikaze was trying to convince CelesticBliss that it was Valkyrie who started the rumor about CelesticBliss being Mysticseer (Valkyrie's IMDb username). Kamikaze told Celestic a flatout lie since it was KAMIKAZE who spread that rumor around like wildfire. So, Valkyrie was able to convince Celestic that Kamikaze was lying. This was a good thing, too, because it got Celestic in our corner and solidified her vote against Kamikaze at the next tribal council. We needed a fourth person to vote with us, and Celestic seemed to fit the bill perfectly."

Tanner(via confessional) "Things are going perfectly!

The boot list:

Jatt and I are going to the end. But NO ONE suspects this, or at least I don't think so. The reason Asup is going next is because we can get Snake (if he votes at all) and Kami to vote him out, but if we kept him and get rid of Kami, we are less secure in him going.

I kind of manipulated my closest allies (mystic and Jatt) into keeping Kami longer. I didn't think I would be able to do it simply based on how deadset mystic was on voting him out. But the idea was presented that ASUP may pose a bigger threat based on how close he may be with other players.

Me and Mystic and Jatt are supposedly going to the end, but only 2 can get there. Jatt and I are going to knock her off as seen by the boot list. She is really strong in immunities which may be why she will have to go sooner than later.

I really like Kami, Asup, Mystic, Jatt, and Celestic, and I don't think any of them would vote for me without some tanner-opposing force, which would be snake but he is not even voting now so why not keep him till the end? Me and Jatt also want to take celestic because we see her as really weak.

You know what is weird, I talked to celestic about the vote and she just came right out and said she would not vote out Ann. Luckily we pulled in Kami to vote her out.

I feel TERRIBLE for what I am going to do to Kami, but I am hoping he wins immunity so he can stay longer. He was my strongest ally from the beginning. Luckily I was able to team up with Mystic and Jatt.

I came into this game just wanting to make merge, possibly be a late juror, though not thinking it was possible because of what I had seen of some of these players in the past. (Cherry, Asup, Halo, Ann).

And now I finally see the end in sight. It came at the time it comes in about every game. At about right now, I usually see if F2 is possible, and it is VERY possible now. I am so glad that I am doing well in this game!

Also, it will be nice to be recognized for winning this, if I do, especially under my own name...."

The tribe moved to the challenge area and Adam welcomed the players. "Tonight's challenge will test your knowledge of all those wonderful Christmas songs. Below I have listed 20 lines from Christmas songs. Within the song, each line either immediately precedes or immediately follows the title of the song. What you need to do is correctly insert the title either before or after the given lyric.

Survivors Ready...GO!!!"

After a bit of working, the players turned in their answers. Adam announced the results, "Kamikaze_Flame was the first to send in the answers. But he didn't follow the rules correctly. It was very specific saying that you had to put the title before or after the given lyric, as it appears in the song. The next person sent in the correct answers right after you.

So the winner of the individual immunity is.....


Back at camp, A-Supreme was relieved to have the immunity necklace around his neck finally...

A-Supreme(via confessional) "So, the challenge was posted and--VIOLA--it was a Christmas music challenge. Okay, I thought, I'll just work at it. I knew that Kamikaze_Flame, Valkyrie, and Walnuts P were fighting for immunity as well. It wasn't so much the names of the songs that took the longest to figure out... I just needed to put the title of the song correctly by the lyric. It took me about 20 minutes to complete the challenge, and I saw that Kamikaze had posted that he had finished. So, I thought my plans of winning immunity were tarnished and that Kamikaze (the very LAST person I wanted to win immunity) had won. Walnuts and Valkyrie said they sent after I did, and I knew that Kamikaze sent before I did. It seemed pretty bleaked.

However, Kamikaze didn't follow the directions properly when he did the challenge. Thus, I ended up winning!!! I was so excited... this was a very good thing to happen for my alliance. With my winning immunity, Kamikaze was apparently desperate to get the target off of himself and onto another person."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "With A-Supreme winning Immunity, tonight's Tribal Council will certainly be interesting. On one hand, I have an alliance with Kamikaze, who is now on the outside looking in, the issue there is that A-Supreme and Valkyrie are pretty adamant about knocking him out of the game.

On the other hand, I'm aligned with Tanner who is a huge social threat with alliances with everyone in the game, if there's an opportunity to knock him out, this is it.

The paranoia is running rampant right now.

I have a strong feeling one of those two people are going to be tremendously pissed at me.

Do I feel safe? Not at all, because no matter what happens tonight, someone is going to get screwed like an accountant in a prison shower.

The question is, do I stick with the Axis of Awesomeness, an Alliance of people who are completely loyal to one another that was formed from Day One and settle for Final 3?


Do I look at the endgame with bringing someone I KNOW I can beat, but go against a loyal, strong alliance?

I guess on the bright side, after tonight's vote, the game is mine to control and ultimately lose"

The tribe entered the tribal council for what appears could be a game-changing Tribal Council...
Adam greeted the tribe, "Just want to say you guys have played a great game thus far. It seems you all have made some very strategic moves up to this point. I'm sure a lot of strategy was placed into this very important vote.

A few questions before you vote...

how important was tonight's immunity challenge as far as how the game will swing?"
"It was very important for me!!! You have NO idea how much I needed this immunity necklace." A-Supreme jumped in quickly, "I think every immunity from here on out will make a huge impact on the game. I had a feeling I needed this immunity really, really bad. And, by winning it, I have guaranteed myself safety at tribal council."
Walnuts P added, "It's safe to say that the game changes with each immunity. Each challenge is vital and based on the challenges, the game certainly has the potential to swing one way or the other."
"will we be surprised by the results of tonight's vote?" Adam asked.
Walnuts P responded, "I think SOMEONE will be surprised by tonight's vote. At this point, there's seven left. A few may feel they're safe, a few might be worried they are going home. Maybe the votes won't go how someone thinks they'll go."
"when deciding who you're voting for, are you looking at who you could beat in the finals, are you trying to stick with alliances or do you have a different strategy?"
Valkyrie answered, "i use a different strategy with each vote."
Walnuts P added, "I think on some level you have to trust your alliances without losing sight of who can you beat. It's a fine line to walk. Sometimes you have to put faith in people to get you further in this game which I think we'll see in tonight's vote."

Adam stopped the questioning, "now it is time to vote....remember, A-Sup is immune. Everybody else is vulnerable. The person voted out will become the third member of our jury." Each player stepped up and made their important decision. "It is time to read the votes....

First vote...


Second vote...


Third vote...


Fourth vote....

The third member of our jury

Tanner, the tribe has spoken, it is time for you to go.

Six remain. Head back to camp."

Next time on Iceland...

The Axis of Awesomeness regains control, but one player questions whether the alliance is the best choice for them. At the all-important immunity challenge, several players appear MIA. Kamikaze_Flame continues to hold onto a thread in the game.
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Episode #10 - "three pronounced liars here in Iceland and one semi-liar"
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