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 Episode #6 - 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!'

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Episode #6 - 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!' Empty
PostSubject: Episode #6 - 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!'   Episode #6 - 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 6:15 pm

Episode 3.6: 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!'

Last time on Lsquared...

The reward challenge won by Walnuts P and S_A became a tribe selection. After choosing the tribes, the hosts told them they had picked for the other, upsetting both.

At the reward challenge, Kolbeinsey won and, without Walnuts P's input, sent S_A to exile. Back at camp, Walnuts finally snapped starting a huge fight with cherry jello is annoying. At Surtsey, the tribe came together to take out the final inactive from their tribe, cokes.

11 remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Surtsey Tribe
S_A.. A-Supreme.. Valkyrie.. Tanner.. cokes.. celesticbliss..

Kolbeinsey Tribe
Walnuts.. Annfly.. Dickey.. cherry jello is annoying.. Kamikaze_Flame.. Snake

Over on Exile Island, S_A fails to locate the Hidden Immunity Idol, but comes to an obvious realization...
"OK So I think there's a reason the other tribe Exile'd me. I think they expect me to jump over with them at the merge. Now, if it benefits me...hells yeah I'd do it. I could easily leave Tanner and A in the dust, and vote out 2 huge threats. But Tanner's a friend, so I'll help him if I can."

Back at Kolbeinsey, the fighting had come to an end, and the tribe began to again consider their strategies...

cherry jello is annoying(via confessional) "Snake thinks I'm someone else.

I have resorted to spelling words wrong on purpose. It was somewhat painful before when Walnuts made fun of the way I'm typing and said I have an elementary school vocabulary. Under normal circumstances I would engage in an intelligent argument with him and prove how normal I can type, but not tonight, I just went off on a "like, zomg" rampage."

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "I honestly CAN'T believe how stupid human beings can be!!!

Walnuts told me he has started this drama ON PURPOSE, get this, TO TAKE ATTENTION AWAY FROM ME!!!!! I can't believe anyone would be that stupid! If we lose Walnuts IS going home and I will help vote him out. But he's totally sacrificing himself for me when I didn't even ask him to do anything! lol this is great!"

Dickey(via confessional) "I'm going to be commenting on Walnuts' outburst and the consequences that became of it, and what I think about the whole thing.

So, wow. Totally did not see that coming. In private messages whenever I would talk to Walnuts he would always be like 'i dont know whats going on no one will talk to me' but I didn't actually think he was that MAD about it.

He just made like 3 enemies right there. Ann will most definately want him gone because she is bland and doesn't like anything interesting happening. Cherry will want him gone because Cherry is Cherry and likes being the most controversial of the bunch. Kami (swinners) will want him gone because Walnuts said one bad thing about Kami so he will go off on a tirade about Walnuts and how much of an *beep* and bitch-whore he is. Snake will scratch his ass and go back to his corner. I on the other hand want this kid to stay alive in this game for as long as I can. If he's going to be controversial then the target's going to be on his back, not mine. I'm totally going to try and get this guy to stay in the game, whether it's by winning immunity next time or somehow garnering the votes to get him to stay.

As long as I remain neutral in the whole setting then I will be fine."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "I am still waiting for my would-be reward. The plus side? My destructive behavior has opened communication within my tribe, to establish trust I have decided, rather foolishly, to expose my true nature to them.

If I go home, no problem, I've been screwed over too many times in this game, if not, all the better for me.

Snake has guaranteed me his vote. Whether or not that means I have his support or if he's voting for me, that is unclear.

I can't help but wonder where the Axis of Awesomeness would be with out this screw job that passes for a twist.

If I have Snake, all is cool. I feel like I actually despise Cherry. Yes, I hate that shallow bitch. Yup. She needs t'go!"

The next morning, Kolbeinsey tried to put their differences aside...



"I didn't know we had mirrors out here in Iceland." Snake replied
"only us hotttiessss knowwwww about them!!" responded cherry jello is annoying. "ZOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG someone talk to me"
"" answered Dickey.
Walnuts P jumped in, "Hiya."
"dickeyyyyyyyyy <3zomfgomdomgonfomfgomfg
AND ZOG WALNUTS. I BET THE ALBINO SQUIREELS WANNA EAT YOU" replied cherry jello is annoying.
All Walnuts P could say was, "Perhaps....Perhaps not....we shall see."



Over at Surtsey, the tribe continued to work on their camp. The next morning, tanne, celesticbliss and Valkyrie read the Tree Mail...
"You've had a little break
Now it is time to get back
Do whatever it'll take
To get your tribe on the winning track

What have you done with these extra days
Were you foolish or were you wise
You can win this game in many ways
Everything you do can help you get the prize"
"these riddles remind me of the riddles in jumanji" replied Tanner.

On Kolbeinsey, after hearing the Tree Mail, cherry jello is annoying could only say, "ZOMGZOMGOMOMZOMGHOMDOMWRHZOMG"
"Come on guys! Let's get pumped up for tonights challenge! Let's do it!" yelled Kamikaze_Flame.

The tribes marched to the challenge area, to meet a shocking face."Good Evening, I'm your guest host tonight Veronica Hart. Good Luck Survivors.

This challenge will be testing your intelligence on IMDb games. The following may be helpful on your quest:

1) The first Survivor IMDb fight took place between who?
a - Farnsworthfan and gawo
b - Farnsworthfan and A-Supreme
c - boomcar61 and Lthingtor

2) The first person to quit a Survivor IMDb game was?

3) Who was the first person to finish in the same place twice during a Survivor IMDb game?

4) Who is the only winner to have been voted out during their winning season and return and win it?

5) Who was the first person to recieve 0 votes to win a Survivor IMDb game? Who else has had this happen in Survivor IMDb history? Who else has had it happen outsideo f Survivor IMDb?

6) Who was the first person to repeat going to the final two?

7) Who was the first person to repeat going to a final two and WIN?

Cool Which player joined Survivor IMDB 11 late causing controversy?

9) Who was the only person who has been eliminated by the HII twice? What happened to the people who played it to eliminate them?

10) Which winner has had less then half the amount of jurors votes for them to win?

First person with the correct answers will win immunity"

During the challenge, Kolbeinsey showed some surprisingly good teamwork...
"has anyone sent our answers yet???" asked cherry jello is annoying.
Kamikaze_Flame replied, "This is what I got. who got in the fight? what's number 10? what's number 4?"
"4 is sexy bitch ZOMGzOMG THAT WAS ME SHE BEAT, ZOMG. 1 is ummmm probably a. 10 is ummm it could be love angel music." shouted cherry jello is annoying.
"10 is farns!" yelled Kamikaze_Flame.
Annfly jumped in, "I think these are right, but I do not ahve 4 and 10"

In the end, Veronica announced the winner, "A-Supreme sent in all the correct answers and wins immunity. If was fun to guest host, good luck survivors."

"dang i was just a little bit too slow. good job A." said Kamikaze_Flame, disappointed.
"YAY GOOD JOB TEAM!" shouted Tanner.
"I was just about to send mine in Good job!!" added celesticbliss.
"this guest host sucks!!!!!!!!" yelled cherry jello is annoying.
In a startling revelation, Tanner announced, "For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, "Cherryjelloisannoying" is not cherry jello from IMDb.

Send her a PM on IMDb and ask her to read it back to you....she can't. That is not the cherry you all know and love."
Cherry jello is annoying responded, "idk what you are talkin about. i am cherry!!!!! like for reals. ask me cherry questions!!!"
Tanner exclaimed, "do not ask her cherry questions. I sent her an IMDb message saying "Snowglobe" and asked her what it said. She could not tell me. You can do the same. She will not be able to respond as an aceboard person."
cherry jello is annoying shouted back, "liar!!! ZOMG TANNER IS A LIAR."
Tanner still arguing, " can call me a liar all you want. But FACE THE FACTS!"
"like idk what your talking about. MY NAME IS CHERRY JELLO-CANADIAN BEER!!!" cherry jello is annoying paused, "HOEGAARDEN. I JUSY REMMENBERED IT"
S_A added, "I think Cherry actually is Cherry. I mean, she had a P Hilton picture a while back as her profile. And everyone knows Cherry HEARTS Miss Hilton"

With this the tribes were sent back to their camps. Each tribe has some interesting comments back at their respective camps...

Kamikaze_Flame (via confessional) "Well we lost the challenge. I think Snake will be voted out but I can definitely see Dickey and Cherry teaming up with Snake to vote me out. It's peculiar because one day they say they can probably use snake as a vote and the next they say he needs to go. So now that I think about it I'm expecting to go once again. Hopefully I don't though.

and also, I JUST noticed this! I totally could have gotten walnuts and annfly to vote off Dickey! UGHHHHHH! I should have done that while I had the chance."

Cherry jello is annoying(via confesional) "haha so someone has already "outted" me as not being the real Cherry. Hahaha."

Dickey(via confessional) "soo kami is like my arch-rival in this game

and i dont really think he knows it

i have good standing with tanner and i think he really really trusts me. But Kami is all "oh look at us we are going to win as a team go team go!" and im all like "oh hell no, you are just trying to get in with us so we dont vote your ass out swinney" what a bastard, u know? i cant wait to get rid of him he is just poopy, poopy all over!!

(Get Rid of Secret Swinners)
oooh im awesome!! that's my new subtitle on my posts now!! (only the GROSS part lol)"

Walnuts P(via confessional) "UGH! We lost Immunity and to add to the increasing stress levels, I placed a huge target on my back. I am certainly not safe tonight after my meltdowns over the last several days.

People are telling me it's Snake who's going. I'm feeling about as comfortable as a cat drowning in a river. So, one of thwo things will happen tonight, I betray my alliance with Snake and possibly stay or stick with Snake and hope for the best.

I proposed an idea to Kamikaze to get him and Snake to vote out Cherry. That is likely not going to work out. Kamikaze wants to keep more active players. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out."

A-Supreme (via confessional) "Luckily, I made up for my absence by winning immunity for my tribe tonight. It's a great feeling that we're safe for this tribal council. I am worried about becoming too large of a threat, but I figure that keeping active and working hard might keep me around until at least jury.

Right now, I have no clue where I stand with anyone. I know I'm still with Walnut and Valkyrie, but I'm not sure where Tanner falls into this. Walnut somewhat trusts him, but I don't. Tanner's a great guy, but he seems like too big of a gamer for me to want to bank my trust in him. I'll have to work with him now seeing that we're in the same tribe, but I don't trust him. And I think I still have my sub-alliance with Dickey and Cherry-Is-Annoying, but they're on the other tribe."

Tanner(via confessional) "lol S_A is funny. He just came to me and was like: "If we lose again, who do we boot? Valkyrie?" HAHAHA he lacks a certain subtlety, but it was least to me.

Anyway....I have talked to valkyrie more than celestic, and I want to keep S_A in now just because I figure he will mess up with someone else. I think Celestic is the weakest. I'll go propose celestic and ask why Valkyrie?"

The next morning, Surtsey was revived by not having to go to Tribal, so they worked more aggressively on their camp...

A-Supreme announced, "So, I've been working on constructing a new tribe shelter. I finally finished it tonight. What do you all think? Beautiful, eh?"
Tanner replied, "eh it's great!
Now if only we could get S_A off his lazy @$$! lol"
Valkyrie added, "wow...maybe this will keep out the bugs. i'm sick of them crawling on me in my sleep. thanks!"
A-Supreme replied, "I guess I'm more concerned about keeping out the cold... the cold bothers me more than the bugs."

At Kolbeinsey, the tribe continued to be nice to each other, even with Tribal Council looming...
"Good morning all!" Walnuts P shouted, waking up the camp. "The fire is started, there's some water boiling! Someone find me a fish to fry. These Albino Squirrels have not been agreeing with me!"
"The Puffins all seem to have fish in their mouths. Shall we try and get some?" annfly noted.
Dickey asked "can we eat the puffins?"
annfly replied, "If we do, we can't tell A-Supreme!"
Walnuts P added, "Well, I'll tell him, and then if he starts crying, we can all point and laugh at him....okay, maybe that will be just me."

Just before Tribal Council, there was still some scheming going on...

Kamikaze_Flame(via confessional) "Me and walnuts are talking about blindsighting Dickey!

it'll be so great if this actually works! if it doens't then I'm totally screwed though! lol it's time for me to make a major power play! I AM NOT CHERRY'S LITTLE BITCH! I HAVE MY OWN STRATEGY! OMG if Dickey goes I'm gonna be so happy! But plots don't usually work out in my favor sadly.

It's either gonna be me going or Dickey going. Or maybe snake. that's my predictions."

Walnuts P(via confessional) "Well, thing's are looking up for me. Annfly ensures me I'm safe and if I'm not, it means I was sold out by Kamikaze and Annfly is a liar.

I'm man enough to admit I'm wrong, Annfly might not be such a stuck up bitch after all. She does have her good points like her unrelenting sense of honesty....and if she says I'm safe, then by gum, I'm safe.

Snake is still on the block. I honestly don't know what I should do. Snake is known for his multitude of allliances. But hey, better him than me.

Still....I don't want to turn my back on him....he might be in many alliances, but he's in my alliance, besides, if there's going to be a game changing vote this could be it. Vote for Snake, I give over control to Dickey, Cherry, and Annfly. I vote Cherry and with the small probablility of a tie, it's a risk that could send me packing.

Kamikaze alluded to the fact that he knows what this vote could mean....

Honestly, it's a choice....take the risk or wait it out and hope for the best."

Ozzy greeted Kolbeinsey as they entered their first Tribal Council. "Welcome to Tribal Council guys. Tongiht you will be voting another person out of the game. Before we vote I have a few questions for you...What is it like to be in tribes finally?"
"I like it. We get to learn about each other a lot better than in that huge group. The intimacy is refreshing" answered Dickey.
Snake agreed, "It's refreshing, the whole no tribes thing was a bit confusing."
"What is your opinion on the tribe swap?"
Walnuts P was quick to answer, "Since I won that challenge, I think it was lame to manipulate the winners. Putting on a Reward Challenge where, there really was no reward. We just got to pick tribes. Yippee. I was looking forward to some filet mignon or a cheeseburger or a Vietnamese prostitute. SOMETHING"
"There was way too much drama on my tribe and that makes the game not as fun." pointed out Annfly.
"What will you base your votes on tonight?"
"secretttttt" said cherry jello is annoying.
Dickey answered, "Getting rid of the last inactive."
Snake snapped back, "Dickey, is the last inactive your referring to me? Because if it is I implore you to change your vote."
"SNAKE USED A BIG WORD" added cherry jello is annoying.
"i believe the word "Cherry" is referring to is implore. lol Snake my post was indeed talking about you. If you wish for me not to vote you out, please explain why I should not." replied Dickey.
Snake replied, "The main reason for my not being active recently is because I have had some very important schol exams recently which will finish in two days time. The exams have taken place during the times we've had challenges and therefore I have not been able to make it. Apart from that I have been very passionate about this game and I would love to be able to stay. Please reconsider about voting me out. When the exams finish I will be able to play at my best again, but right now I have been bogged down by my academic life."
Dickey responded, "I understand that school obviously comes first in your life. I'm the same way. However it seems to me that you have not put as much time in this game as others have. I don't think it's fair for me to vote out any of the other tribe members out when they have participated in challenges and have actually shown passion for the game over someone who has not really been there for the tribe. I understand there are circumstances but I just feel that it's too little too late. I'm sorry, but I am still voting for you."

Ozzy told the players to vote...
"Once the votes are read the decision is final the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately, I'll read the votes

First Vote

Second Vote

Third Vote

Fourth Vote

Fifth Vote

Sixth Vote..

Dickey you need to bring me your torch"

Next time on Lsquared...

One castaway mourns the loss of her closest ally. A huge twist reveals where alliances lie. And another major fight breaks out and chaos ensues.
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Episode #6 - 'He is just poopy, poopy all over!!'
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